September 29, 2005

Desperate Housewives?

Anyone catch the premier of this one?? (Yes, I do love TV, why do you ask?)

It was ok...did answer some questions and update everyone all the way 'round. Interesting, but not much left to wonder, except about the new neighbors though!

AND LOST! Did anyone else catch last night's episode?? MAN! What a good one! Now I have to wait a whole damn week to catch another episode? Of course, I have Survivor tonight then a busy weekend, but STILL!

And the Amazing Race! That was actually pretty good- though I would never sign up for that with little kids unless ALL the teams had little kids. It's just not fair, from a physical perspective.

Anyway...what have YOU been watching?

September 28, 2005

27 weeks (yesterday)...

27 doesn't actually feel any different than 26 weeks. Except I'm one week closer to my actual glucose test time (next week)...

The nursery bedding arrived Monday - so yesterday I stopped at Lowes and got 1 of every sage / red / white paint chip they had to start matching (don't know if the room will be sage or red) you KNOW how many paint chips that is? A LOT - who knew there were that many different shades. Any bets on whether or not any of them match the bedding? :-)

No info on the name front either ... suggestions?

Still here, still hungry, still tired, still pregnant (which are ALL GOOD THINGS)...

SIDE NOTE: did anyone else see Nip/Tuck yesterday??? !!!! Must discuss it with someone!

September 27, 2005

Thoughts from the MALL

  • to the 3 elederly people in the elevator at Nordstrom. I am very sorry I couldn't help you. Telling me over and over (and over) that you want the elevator to go DOWN, when we are ON the 1st floor (I've worked in that Nordstrom for 7 years, it does not GO DOWN lower than 1), even when I ask you specifically what section or store you are looking for is not very helpful. I am sorry I could not help you and you got VERY VERY exasperated with me.
  • the lady wearing various shades of red: a red jacket, red pants, red shoes, red purse, red shirt. Was it intentional or did they all look like the same shade in your mirror at home? If so - why would you do that?
  • Dear Motherhood Maternity: NO work pants w/a belly panel? In a MATERNITY STORE? Really? Come on now folks...get with the program.

    I need a pair of shoes/boots that will work with both work clothes (business casual) and casual clothes (think jeans and brown cords)... any suggestions?
  • September 26, 2005

    Premier Week!

    Ok - So the good tv shows are back! (No spoilers here)

    Nip/Tuck --> this was an AMAZING season opener! Stunning. Fabulous. Excellent writing...the characters are back even more brilliant and alive than ever...GOOD JOB!

    Lost --> they really needed to answer a few more questions with this episode. Ok, they could've answered AT LEAST ONE question with this show, but it was still good - just not a good season opener.

    Desperate Housewives --> on my TIVO, will report back later...

    In other TV News...

    GO HOKIES! Excellent season so far - love Marcus Vick's playing, even if he doesn't have the great personality and common sense as his brother.

    Suvivor - this looks like a good season, though you always have your LazyPeople, Fakers ( cough cough Blake? Gary? ), losers that want to be winners ( cough cough Judd?) Still interesting though!

    Weekend Update...

    Ok...what a GLORIOUS weekend! For once, we had nothing to do! Yay!!! And boy did we make the most of it!

    Saturday we hung out - the men/boys got the outdoor stuff done and we relaxed. Can anyone say 4 hour family nap??!!

    Sunday - son slept until 9 AM!!!!!!!! Then we had a nice breakfast and went costume shopping (we already have his costume, but wanted some play dress-up things for son to play with --> for girls you can get that stuff anywhere anytime, but for boys, the only time that seems good for something other than fireman is HALLOWEEN COSTUMES!)...we got an Indiana Jones hat, cowboy hat, more guns (of course!), etc. Son really, really likes his Indiana Jones hat!

    Today, the baby is kicking like crazy, just under my left rib cage, like he's got a punching bag in there or something - and you can TOTALLY SEE it from the outside. So cool. Wonder what made him do that?

    September 22, 2005

    Stupid F-ing Pottery Barn Kids!

    Background Info...

    Last Thursday at lunch, I went to Pottery Barn Kids to purchase the bedding set that I had selected for the little one. They told me that I could only buy this set on-line (because they are different than the on-line catalog. Yeah, sure you are.

    So I come back to work and order the nursery set. LAST THURSDAY. The confirmation email says that the item is "Available for immediate shipping" and their website indicates those items should be rec'd w/in 5-7 days.

    So I check the status today -hasn't shipped yet? WTF? I call their customer service line and, I'm not kidding you, she tells me that there's a note on the order saying they cancelled it because someone found it for me in the store. WTF? Where the HELL did that come from??? This makes no sense.

    Thankfully (for them and the future of my orders from them) they are now shipping it to me RUSH with no shipping or rush charges.

    Can I just ever have things work like they should? I don't MIND paying shipping. I just want to place my orders, and have things delivered ontime and in expected condition. Apparently this is asking too much.


    I hope everyone does what they need to do to stay safe when Rita passes thru... it sounds like either TX has a better plan or they learned a lot from the mistakes with Katrina...I heard on the news today that if you need to be rescued after the storm, and you have children with you, you will also be arrested for child endangerment/neglect. They are also making good use of the area's buses - I hope they're able to get to any and all residents that don't have their own transportation.

    Be safe Texans.

    September 21, 2005

    26 weeks! ok, today is 26w1d, but who's counting?

    26 weeks! 1 more week until the third trimester and supposed viability.

    Sometimes the little one kicks and pushes so hard, it's like he's actually trying to get out...thru my skin. Sometimes, this really hurts.

    ALL of my low-rise maternity clothes are KILLING me... warning: you will need full-panel maternity for the end of the pregnancy, be fore-warned! BUT it's too hot to wear fall clothes (not that I've bought any yet) and the summer stuff is cutting off my circulation - what's a girl to do??

    PotteryBarnKids is taking their damn sweet time in sending out my bedding - ordered on Thursday, hasn't shipped yet. That's one thing I hate about them and companies like Gap/Old Navy. They think it's acceptable to sit on the order for a week THEN ship it. The Disney costume (Disney is just as busy, if not BUSIER, than these other companies, shipped the costume Monday morning (also ordered Thursday).

    Still no name for baby yet. I'm calling it Luke until someone comes up with something better (hint hint hint - get a move on!).

    September 20, 2005

    That's a lot of menus!

    I was changing the mailing address on a bill, and it took 2 minutes and 45 seconds of just going thru the menus to get to the place where I could hold for someone to take the new address. Sheesh!

    What do you do in this case?

    This morning on the elevator, we were squished in there, as is usual. I was right by the buttons when we stopped on the 2nd floor for even MORE passengers. A guy squeezed in, and instead of asking me to press 7 for him, slide his hand in front of me to push the button. I swear, if he had touched/rubbed my belly, we would've had some words. Is there some reason he couldn't just ASK me to press 7 for him? I couldn't move back, there were 2 people lined up behind me...what would you do if you were him? Ask or try to stealth-ly press the button??

    September 19, 2005

    Don't have much to add...

    My blood glucose test (which they did 4 weeks early, just to check things out) came back clear. I was terrified because the urine test was positive. Though I have to re-do the test at 28 weeks it's nice knowing we're all clear for now. The last thing I need is Gestational Diabetes hanging over my head. Of course, where the nurse blew my left arm vein LAST TUESDAY is still a 6 inch dark purple streak on my arm. I've been asked THREE TIMES TODAY (it's only 11:10 a.m.) already what happened to my arm, it looks so awful. She won't be touching me again. When the DR did the blood draw on the other arm, not only did he not leave a mark, it didn't even HURT (needle going in or out - the needles going out always hurt me more than going in - does anyone else notice this strangeness?).

    I ordered Son's Halloween costume - The Blue Knight as he calls it.

    And the baby's nursery decor: dinosaurs. Can't wait for it to get here so I can start matching and painting (ok, well hubby is doing the painting, but you know what i mean!)!

    September 15, 2005


    I know that I do that pregnancy-waddle-walking thing. Not a surprise to me. So PLEASE don't TELL me I'm doing it, or I will beat you over the head with my donut.

    And - using your arms to gesture to me how big I'm getting... is also not winning you any points either.

    And I've only been at work for an hour and a half!

    September 13, 2005

    25 weeks!

    Today I am 25w0d! Not much new in the belly area, just BIG. I don't see how I'm going to get 15 weeks more of growth down there!

    BUT I am freaking about
  • names
  • the nursery

    We have neither, nor plans or ideas for either one. Egads - how did this happen? Suggestions? For either?

    I think, at 25 weeks, I am ready to send back in my rental heartbeat doppler. I think I'm comfortable enough w/the movement to send it back. I thought, when I rented it, that I would send it back the first moment I felt movement. Hah - silly woman. I have been too terrified to send it back, afraid I might need it for reassurance. But I think by now, I can send it back. Wish me luck!
  • September 12, 2005

    for your reading pleasure...

    Okay, wise guy, what would YOU have done?

    Well hello there!!!

    We're BACK! We flew in yesterday...where were we? DISNEYWORLD! It was our yearly visit to Disney with Hubby's Mom. We had a FANTASTIC time. This is the first year son was tall enough to ride the majority of good rides (ex. Test Track, Dinosaur, etc.). And, of course, he LOVED them, but he didn't love any of them more than the Buzz Lightyear ride. I cannot even tell you how much he loved that one - I can't even count the number of times we rode it.

    The park was deserted. We walked right on to almost every ride - the longest wait for a good ride was about 5 minutes, at most. Hurricane Ophelia was spinning right off the east coast of Florida, and providing us with cloud cover, but very little rain, which is odd. We would check the weather channel and it would look like it should be raining on us, but it wasn't! One day was so cloudy we were SURE it was going to dump and I got a wee bit of sunburn!

    The new Soarin' ride is AWESOME. Fantastic. Super-duper. Loved it. Son was squealing with excitement! If you go, you must try it!

    Next year, when I'm not pregnant, I'll get to ride even more stuff w/son! I can't wait already.

    September 01, 2005

    Don't even know what to think...

    about what is going on in New Orleans right now. What the hell? Do they honestly think SHOOTING at the helicopters trying to help them is going to get them evacuated faster?

    I have my donations planned so far:
  • Michele is collecting money and schoold supplies to be shipped to the Astrodome to help the children with school - they will be displaced in a strange area for a long time, and without supplies.
  • My company is MATCHING donations made by employees to the Red Cross. This wasn't originally the charity I had picked out, but if they'll match what I donate, I'm willing to switch. I think they need another day or so to get it setup, then employees are asked and encouraged to donate.