May 30, 2006

Somebody help me!

HELP! My DS (born 12/17/05) was sleeping THRU THE NIGHT until 3 weeks
ago when a certain someone brought over her damn kids and they had
colds. Well, shockingly, the baby caught their cold. So throughout
his cold, he had to get up twice a night just to take cold medicine
and go right back to sleep. This was fine, as it was like getting up
for 5 minutes twice a night. No problem.

Well. Now he's all better, but he's getting up FOUR TIMES a night.
The first time, just to be rocked. Once to eat (about 1 a.m.).
Another time to be rocked. Then AGAIN to eat (Like at 3:30 a.m.).
And with each of these wake-ups. he is screaming hysterically, like
someone is cutting off his arms w/a dull knife. We do try to see if
he'll go back down w/just rocking instead of a bottle, but he tries to
fling himself out of our arms with back-arching if he's wanting a
bottle instead of being rocked. And continues screaming until his
bottle is ready.

So - crying it out isn't a solution for us, not w/the hystericall-ness
he's displaying.

Anyone have suggestions, please??!!! I have to getup for work
everymorning at 4:20 a.m. and it's killing hubby and I (I take the 11
p.m. - 2 a.m. shift and he takes from 2 a.m. on)...

May 25, 2006

A little bragging on my older son!

  • He got a perfect report card!
  • When the DR asked him to write his name at his 4 year checkup, Son and the DR were sitting across from each other at a table. He wrote his name on the paper upside down so it would be legible from her seat.
  • Son also got 4 shots at that appt. Shots his father told him about ahead of time, which did not cause him to fuss about going to the DR or cause him any fear. Or tears for that matter, when it came time for the shots.
  • We figured out why all the kids in Son's soccer class are so much taller than he is (although he is BY FAR the most coordinated child and athletically advanced on the field). They are all age 5 to 5 1/2 - which puts them a YEAR older than my Son.
  • At today's end-of-year party, he was the most well-behaved child. Putting his trash away, washing up, helping wipe down the tables, etc. Without being asked!

    BTW - did anyone see Lost? Quite the episode - though not all the questions were answered like they said they would be!
  • May 23, 2006

    so let us ponder...

    Scene: you are in the building cafeteria. You would like an
    EverythingBagel. You slice it open at the slicer counter and move
    along to the toppings bar. There is whipped butter and whipped cream
    cheese - each w/a spreading spatula stabbed into it.

    Do you:

    A. Use the spreader to put a topping on your EverythingBagel,
    depositing pieces of garlic, onion, and poppy seed into the cream
    cheese with every swipe?

    B. Get a "topping container" and fill it, put a top on it, then use a
    plastic knife to actually spread the topping on the bagel once seated
    at the breakfast table?


    Thank you.

    May 22, 2006

    As Seen In Parking Lot...

    A lady wearing
    <li>light blue ankle boots w/heel
    <li>light blue panty hose
    <li>denim skirt, slightly above ankle length, but not tea length.
    Skirt has flower print and slit up the back.
    <li>light blue turtle neck
    <li><i>sante-fe print vest</i> (note: this is not the sante-fe vest
    lady from before)

    So. Obviously this person spends some time on how they look. How did
    they decide on this particular combination?

    May 18, 2006

    And then....less sleep


    Both boys started having cold symptoms IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT.

    Here's how our night went:

    10 p.m. Lights out!
    11 p.m.- I have to get up to turn Baby T over.
    12 a.m. - Get up with Baby, notice he's stuffy. Give bottle and worry,
    as I have no cold meds in the house (the last time he got a cold, he
    was too young to have meds).
    12:15 - hubby gets up to give tissues to Son who is also awake and stuffy.
    2 a.m. - Roll baby T over again.
    2:45 a.m. - Son requests someone cover him with blankets.
    4:40 a.m. - Baby T fussy due to congestion. Thankfully hubby brings
    him back into our room because I am getting ready to oversleep AGAIN
    and have to get out of bed to make room for Baby T.

    So, to sum it up, I'm TIRED!

    But there is some good news! Apparently Baby T sat unsupported
    yesterdeay briefly!! YAY! Go Baby T - sitting at 5 mos is a little
    early, but WONDERFUL! (Note: I WILL NOT be ecstatic when he starts
    crawling, and hopefully that is MONTHS away. Our house is a safety
    nightmare w/Son's toys everywhere and they all have teeny-tiny

    May 17, 2006

    I don't remember it that way...

    My alarm went off at it's usual time, preset to give me enough time to
    blow dry my hair (which, BTW, is 4:25 a.m.). I turned off the alarm
    but do not remember either laying back down or making a decision to
    lay back down (many mornings I <i>will</i> have discussions with
    myself about when I should get up vs. when I want to get up).

    The next time I looked at the clock, it was the time I would get up if
    I did not want to blow dry my hair (BTW, 5:11 a.m.). I cursed and
    told my husband that I'd overslept. Once again, I do not remember
    making any decision to either lay back down or even the laying back

    The next time I looked at the clock, it was 5 minutes past my usual
    "leave the house" time (BTW, 5:33 am). Crap. So, I got up finally.

    Oh well. It's only my coworkers that have to suffer the visual
    assault of the wavy hair. And I got extra sleep out of it!

    May 16, 2006


    did you know a frosted chocolate cupcake has 1/2 the fat and calories
    of alittle baggie of Doritos? Did ya? I just found out and AM LOVING
    IT. And I'm sure I'm losing weight because of this new information!

    PS. If you've commented lots and I "know" you, I have a great pic of
    the boys in their Mother's Day outfits! (hahaha, like I ever get LOTS
    of comments!)

    I finally ordered a new bathing suit for my girly-weekend coming up.
    Having to wear a bathing suit in front of my 2 girlfriends that
    haven't had kids and my one friend whose body LOOKS THE SAME after
    giving birth to THREE is really stressing me out. But I found a
    nice-looking tankini at Macy's in "chocolate" that should look nice.
    So we'll see when it gets here (notice my tie in of chocolate, I am SO
    CLEVER). I've already vowed to stand as close to the pregnant friend
    at all times and in any picture so at least I'll be more shapely or
    people won't notice me while looking at her.

    Off to eat that yummy cupcake!

    May 15, 2006

    Monday Monday..

    At about 4:15 a.m. this morning, I noted that it was POURING rain.
    Well. My original plan was to get up at 4:20 am. and motor into work,
    goto gym, then start my workday at 6:30 a.m. Well. That would
    involve carrying my gym bag, my purse, my workclothes (on hangers), my
    worklunch bag and an umbrella in the pouring rain at about 5 a.m. I
    don't think so. I 'slept in' until 5:05 a.m. then got up for work. I
    guess I'll have to try and squeeze in a workout this week, which is
    usually IMPOSSIBLE with our schedules, but whatever.

    I'm also thinking about a jog-stroller. This way, I could get a
    workout in AND take care of the baby at the same time! Genious!

    Anything going on in your neck of the woods? Not much in mine this
    week...just working as previously scheduled! ;-)

    May 13, 2006


    What do you think?

    Thanks to Zoot for the great template design! BUT I have to redo my blogroll - since I'm redoing it, anyone I should add that I forgot last time??


    May 09, 2006

    Because you are lazy that is why...

    Why would someone call a number, realize this is NOT THE RIGHT number
    for the pesron they want to reach, and leave a message asking the
    current-phone-number-holder to locate the person they were looking for
    originally and have them return the call?

    Jeesh. I am not your (or his) damn secretary or receptionist. When
    you realize you have the wrong damn number, look up his new number
    your damn self.

    May 08, 2006

    A strange week...

    Hubby has training this week - so I've got today off to watch the boys and have to do pickup and drop off of the boys at my Mom's Tues/Wed/Thurs. AND this is Son's last soccer week, so I have to go to that Wednesday afternoon and tape it. AND Son's preschool is having a "Mother's Day Tea" Thursday morning so of course wild horses couldn't keep me away from THAT. So, looks like I won't be at work much this week, boo hoo! Of course, that will be reflected in my paycheck because I don't have any leave, but who the hell cares with kiddies like this!

    Son has a playdate today w/my best friend's son, who is also WAY into Star Wars, so we should have a good day!

    May 05, 2006

    He's a grower too!

    Well! Tyler had his 4 month checkup today (he's a tad over 4 months, but they were booked).

    17 pds 4 ounces. 27 3/4 inches tall. That's 95% folks. A big boy (Amalah's Noah was 15 pds and 27 1/2 inches at 4 months). He's my only basis of comparison right now, as all the other babies are either a lot older or a lot younger, but her stats are in the archives! So thanks Amalah - which is pronounced AIM-a-lah if you read her Smackdown (which I did, of course). I would never have pronounced that right in a million years. I'm loving all the posting she's doing, she's so funny...

    Anyway - back to the porker, I mean, baby! Adorable! He got 2 shots today which REALLY PISSED HIM OFF based on the quantity of red-faced yelling he did about it. Then 2 more in 2 weeks when Dad can take him! The nurse didn't put his bandaid on right, which I only found out too late when he'd bled all over my new white polo shirt.

    Hubby is a bleeder. Whatever amt is normal bleeding, he is usually running about double the blood loss. When he had knee surgery, and i needed to change the bandage after the first few hours, it literally SHOT blood across the room, like in a movie. Ditto on the wisdom tooth extraction. Apparently BabyT has the same gene.

    Otherwise, a good visit. THOUGH when my older son started at this Pediatrician office, they had very few patients because the were new and took everyone's footprints to put on the wall. Now they have a ton of patients and need to repaint and THEY ARE GOING TO PAINT OVER THE FOOTPRINTS, OH MY GOD. Which is exactly the reaction the receptionist had when I told her I was running out to the car for my phone to take a picture. HOW CAN THEY DO THIS? I have no idea, but in 2 weeks, hubby is taking the good camera in case the painting hasn't been done yet!

    May 02, 2006

    This one, he's an eater.

    Well. Everyone tells you how your two kids will be so different from each other. And you don't really believe them because how can a child coming from the same gene pool raised in the same house be different from the first one that came along?

    But they are. They SOOOO are.

  • Son is a tall skinny kid. Like he's going to be a rocking football receiver. Baby T is a very tall, 'stocky' baby. He weighs 18.5 pds at 4.5 months. Son was 19 pounds AT ONE YEAR OLD. Amalah talks about the big Noah, but when she posted his 6 month stats (Baby T was maybe 2.5 months old), he wasn't much bigger than BabyT was THEN.
  • Son slept thru the night at 9 weeks. BabyT proved he could do it, starting at 8 weeks, but consistently wanted a bottle once thru the night until 4 months. Gotta get those daily calories in somehow.
  • Son NEVER spit up. NEVER. BabyT has a touch of reflex and does little spit ups all the time - and as I JUST learned recently - if you spit up after eating peas, it comes out GREEN. And smells nasty.
  • We thought Son was a happy baby. Smiling all the time. BabyT smiles MORE than that.
  • Son REFUSED to entertain himself, even for 1 millisecond. BabyT INSISTS we put him down and leave him alone a couple of times a day. This is puzzling to us, to put a crying baby down and have it actually work!
  • Son never eats/ate green veggies, even as baby food. Baby T cannot get enough of this yummy new food I started giving him Saturday - PEAS! LOVING THEM, EVERY BITE.

    The only thing not different is the startling-ly fierce love I feel for each of them.