May 16, 2006


did you know a frosted chocolate cupcake has 1/2 the fat and calories
of alittle baggie of Doritos? Did ya? I just found out and AM LOVING
IT. And I'm sure I'm losing weight because of this new information!

PS. If you've commented lots and I "know" you, I have a great pic of
the boys in their Mother's Day outfits! (hahaha, like I ever get LOTS
of comments!)

I finally ordered a new bathing suit for my girly-weekend coming up.
Having to wear a bathing suit in front of my 2 girlfriends that
haven't had kids and my one friend whose body LOOKS THE SAME after
giving birth to THREE is really stressing me out. But I found a
nice-looking tankini at Macy's in "chocolate" that should look nice.
So we'll see when it gets here (notice my tie in of chocolate, I am SO
CLEVER). I've already vowed to stand as close to the pregnant friend
at all times and in any picture so at least I'll be more shapely or
people won't notice me while looking at her.

Off to eat that yummy cupcake!


enjanerd said...
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enjanerd said...

Haha you sound ridiculous. If I remember correctly, you're like 10 pounds heavier than pre-babies? I've never actually seen you, but you *sound* tiny. ;)

Enjoy your cupcake!