May 02, 2006

This one, he's an eater.

Well. Everyone tells you how your two kids will be so different from each other. And you don't really believe them because how can a child coming from the same gene pool raised in the same house be different from the first one that came along?

But they are. They SOOOO are.

  • Son is a tall skinny kid. Like he's going to be a rocking football receiver. Baby T is a very tall, 'stocky' baby. He weighs 18.5 pds at 4.5 months. Son was 19 pounds AT ONE YEAR OLD. Amalah talks about the big Noah, but when she posted his 6 month stats (Baby T was maybe 2.5 months old), he wasn't much bigger than BabyT was THEN.
  • Son slept thru the night at 9 weeks. BabyT proved he could do it, starting at 8 weeks, but consistently wanted a bottle once thru the night until 4 months. Gotta get those daily calories in somehow.
  • Son NEVER spit up. NEVER. BabyT has a touch of reflex and does little spit ups all the time - and as I JUST learned recently - if you spit up after eating peas, it comes out GREEN. And smells nasty.
  • We thought Son was a happy baby. Smiling all the time. BabyT smiles MORE than that.
  • Son REFUSED to entertain himself, even for 1 millisecond. BabyT INSISTS we put him down and leave him alone a couple of times a day. This is puzzling to us, to put a crying baby down and have it actually work!
  • Son never eats/ate green veggies, even as baby food. Baby T cannot get enough of this yummy new food I started giving him Saturday - PEAS! LOVING THEM, EVERY BITE.

    The only thing not different is the startling-ly fierce love I feel for each of them.
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    girl from florida said...

    amazing! I've been having dreams the past few nights about our second child so I wonder what it will be like then... in a few years, of course!