February 28, 2007

no rest for the weary...

Well, Monday was Son's 5th birthday party. After being terrified that no one was going to come (the rsvp's came REALLY LATE) then being terrified the snow would keep people away and THEN being terrified that they weren't actually going to show up (some got lost, some went to the wrong ChuckECheese)...it was a GREAT party.
And I've decided there is NO REASON to ever have a birthday party at my house again!  Why?  You pay the restaurant, they take care of food, cleanup, setup.  For BabyT's 1 year party, remember I had to clean the whole house, order food, pick up food, setup and then clean up.
The price of the party was only SLIGHTLY more than doing it ourselves, and it didn't cause me to clean my house twice (before and after)....which is PRICELESS.
So that's the way to go, as far as I'm concerned!
BUT now is not the time to rest!
** pick up the house so the cleaning lady can clean tomorrow
** organize my mom's taxes to get in the mail no later than Friday
** pack for our ski trip....
Oh did I mention we're going to CO?  And that we are only alotted 2 suitcases for 4 PEOPLE for a WEEK, and that includes ski pants and jackets for Hubby (his are HUGE) and son, as well as snow boots for all four of us?  Egads, how is this going to work?  And, oh, remember that I'll be 33 weeks on Saturday.
Oh well, it should be fun once we get there, even if it's a HUGE pain in the butt getting to Friday morning!

February 23, 2007

what does one do?

The boys (and hubby) have gone away for the weekend!  What does one do?  Here's my agenda!

** today, goto work to get 6 extra hours in
** clean up house
** stop by Lowe's to get paint chips for baby girl's room
** stop by Wegman's to order cake for Son's Bday party
** pedicure?
** stop by party store to buy extra gift bags for the girls attending party (boys are getting Transformers!)

** 4 hours of work to make up for hours I will miss next week
** clean up house
** Target?
** goto Carter's clothes store

anything else I should do?

February 13, 2007

busy busy busy...

what have we been doing....
** gestating another child.  This takes up a lot of my energy.
** taking care of the other 2 children.  This takes up what is left of my energy.
** converting the guest room to be BabyT's new room.   Have to put shelves, etc. in the closet this week.
** shopping for the stuff I want for NewBaby's room.  This is EXHAUSTING.  There is so much cool girly stuff!  Somebody's going to have to stop me!
** working
** worrying about the ice and moving around in it - I have my 30 week DR appt today and they are still open. I was hoping they'd be closed.
** cooking meals, snacks, and cleaning up after the meals and snacks.
** watching BabyT dance to the Wiggles.  He loves to turn on the iPod and hear his fav music.  How does he know how to do this?  Most adults can't.
Phew.  No wonder I am tired!  In addition to hauling around my extra 14 pds of weight, I'm pooped!

February 07, 2007


Gestational Diabetes is a big deal.  DRs want you to take the 3 hr test right away, so they can set you up.
BUT since we got 1.5 inches of snow, the DRs are not in the office today (the nurses are, go figure).  They got my results, but I don't get them until tomorrow, when the white death has been cleared from the streets (the roads here are FINE people.  Some of the side streets haven't been plowed, but COME ON, it is 1.5 inches of snow!)....

and today...

we are awaiting the results of my Gestational Diabetes test (I failed the 1 hour test, took the 3 hour test yesterday)...
wish me luck!

February 04, 2007

Dear John Edwards...

You just lost my vote.

Raising my taxes (which are DAMN high already - my husband as his checks taxed at 50% and we still owe $3,000 and MY checks are taxed to the hilt as well) to pay for health insurance for other people...not going to make me happy.

It is NOT my responsibility to pay for health insurance for the middle class. If people really want to, they will find a way. My mother, a hairdresser, earns 20K a year. She lives in TYSONS. Her taxes (income and real estate) are SHOCKING. Yet, she pays Blue Cross $330 a month for her own insurance (doesn't get it from her employer). So you can do it if you make it a priority.

My cousin (3 kids), who drives a LEXUS and her hubby, who drive a MERCEDES both work and neither have insurance because they feel it's too expensive for the benefit. While it may not be true of the rest of the population, they could afford it EASILY if they made it a priority, but they whine about it and sit and wait for the govt to make people like me PAY FOR THEIR HEALTHCARE. How in the HELL is that fair?

I am not voting for anyone that is planning on raising my taxes to pay for things people could get for themselves if they wanted to (I am NOT talking about people on welfare or who cannot truly afford health insurance. I am not sure what needs to be done here, but again, why is it my responsibility to pay for them? I work. I support the children I chose to bring into this world. Why are they not held to the same standard?)....