February 04, 2007

Dear John Edwards...

You just lost my vote.

Raising my taxes (which are DAMN high already - my husband as his checks taxed at 50% and we still owe $3,000 and MY checks are taxed to the hilt as well) to pay for health insurance for other people...not going to make me happy.

It is NOT my responsibility to pay for health insurance for the middle class. If people really want to, they will find a way. My mother, a hairdresser, earns 20K a year. She lives in TYSONS. Her taxes (income and real estate) are SHOCKING. Yet, she pays Blue Cross $330 a month for her own insurance (doesn't get it from her employer). So you can do it if you make it a priority.

My cousin (3 kids), who drives a LEXUS and her hubby, who drive a MERCEDES both work and neither have insurance because they feel it's too expensive for the benefit. While it may not be true of the rest of the population, they could afford it EASILY if they made it a priority, but they whine about it and sit and wait for the govt to make people like me PAY FOR THEIR HEALTHCARE. How in the HELL is that fair?

I am not voting for anyone that is planning on raising my taxes to pay for things people could get for themselves if they wanted to (I am NOT talking about people on welfare or who cannot truly afford health insurance. I am not sure what needs to be done here, but again, why is it my responsibility to pay for them? I work. I support the children I chose to bring into this world. Why are they not held to the same standard?)....

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Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

You have to wonder which 'America' former Sen. Edwards belongs to: the posh mansion he lives in, or the rest of us.

I don't begrudge the man living by his means, but his duplicity is remarkable.

Just remember: Republicans gave a tax cut to all tax payers. Democrats are out to raise the taxes on only a few.