February 13, 2007

busy busy busy...

what have we been doing....
** gestating another child.  This takes up a lot of my energy.
** taking care of the other 2 children.  This takes up what is left of my energy.
** converting the guest room to be BabyT's new room.   Have to put shelves, etc. in the closet this week.
** shopping for the stuff I want for NewBaby's room.  This is EXHAUSTING.  There is so much cool girly stuff!  Somebody's going to have to stop me!
** working
** worrying about the ice and moving around in it - I have my 30 week DR appt today and they are still open. I was hoping they'd be closed.
** cooking meals, snacks, and cleaning up after the meals and snacks.
** watching BabyT dance to the Wiggles.  He loves to turn on the iPod and hear his fav music.  How does he know how to do this?  Most adults can't.
Phew.  No wonder I am tired!  In addition to hauling around my extra 14 pds of weight, I'm pooped!

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