July 28, 2005

Yesterday was Bad Mommy Day?

Why wasn't this toddler strapped in her carseat?

What the HELL was this woman thinking?

Kill Reality?

Anyone see this show Kill Reality on E!?

Damn. What a bunch of media whores.

Tonya - who the heck sleeps w/Johnny Fairplay in the first place? He's SO GROSS. Then does it again?

In the first episode, it's funny to see that some reality stars weren't even full enough of themselves to make it (ie. Jase, Bolo, Jonathan & Victoria, etc.) - that's saying a lot.

Then stupid Toni Ferrari? I had no idea who she was. But they wrote her into the script because "she brings so much to the table" (or "is totally crazy"). Then SHE rewrites herself into more scenes w/more lines, to make the movie better. Not to make herself feel better. Hello? If you're only given a bit part, there's probably a reason, something along the lines of "you suck".

Can't wait for next week! Anyone know if Rob C. and Josh (the "writers") are in on the joke? Or being played as well?

July 27, 2005

well well well

Nothing new to report here. It's darn hot out there - even just waddling out to the car from the house (in the garage no less, not even direct sunlight) sends my already overheated body into what feels like extreme heat stroke. Thank goodness they're saying it'll cool a bit by tomorrow.

New Product Review: Aveda's Phomollient Styling Foam
Generally, I love Nexus' Mousse, but since I was already at Aveda, I asked if they had mousse. I was a bit weary of the stuff since it's not in a spray-propellant can like every other brand of mousse out there, but I love all things Aveda, thought I'd give it a shot (and I was too lazy to walk to the hair salon on the other side of Tyson's Mall). So today, I used it. LOVE it. It's a bit more liquid than regular mousse, but it did a good job of allowing me to straighten my wavy hair w/no flyaways!

July 26, 2005

18 weeks!

Yay...I guess, just one more day than yesterday (obviously).

Only 1 week 2 days until the big sonogram. Bets on gender? I'm guessing girl...i've been sicker than last time and am carrying differently (read that: carrying fatter).

Other than that, I'm just going around visiting you guys wishing you would update more.

July 25, 2005

17 weeks, 6 days

When you have trouble getting/staying pregnant, it's hard to relax.

So the past 17w6d have gone on FOREVER for me. Each day feels like at least 3 (or more!) In my head, I feel like I should already be at 40weeks, it's been so long, then I realize I'm not even HALF WAY yet and that is really depressing. There are so many wonderful things to look forward to in the coming months - family vacations, another first day of school, petting zoos and Halloween and I certainly want to spend every second enjoying my husband and son...but to have time drag on like this is so painful.

Also - Grrrl is having her son (labor started Thursday or Friday) and we've not had any news yet...it is a bit unsettling. I hope everything is fine and they're just too happy to update, but I can't help being worried. Updates here.

July 22, 2005

so. tired.

damn I am seriously tired. Went to bed at 10:30 last night, got up at 8:15 and was ready for a nap by 8:17 a.m.

Then the tile guy came and the door-fixing guy. Then the cleaning lady...and oh, was I supposed to pick up so she could clean? Damn. Right on it.

So by this evening (on top of watching/playing w/my darling son) I am beat. Too tired to even hold open the Harry Potter book I just bought, it'll have to wait. I just pray I don't run across a spoiler somewhere before I get it finished.

Over & Out.

July 20, 2005

really? Is that REALLY necessary?

My next-door cube mate has apparently found the glory of downloadable ringtones. Every caller apparently gets there own movie or cartoon quote. The one that just went off (at MAX VOLUME) was Elmer Fudd.

And apparently he likes to hear the whole ringtone before he picks up. Fun.

A little frazzled at this point...

So...here's how my morning is going...

  • 8:30 - plumber SUPPOSED to arrive
  • 8:42 - plumber not at house. I call the builder. Apparently someone rescheduled for between 9:30 and 10. I remind builder guy that the REASON we picked 8:30 was because I have to take son to swim lessons. Schedule the guy for 10:30 when my mom and son should return to our house from swim lesson.
  • 9:30 drop off son at swim lesson
  • 9:32 realize that the exit my mother ( a fine driver, but TERRIBLE with directions) needs to take from the Rec Center to my house HAS NO SIGN. Why is this? This does not make sense.
    Turn around, head back to rec center to tell mom which stoplight to turn at to get on the Toll Road. Realize no way mom will make it by 10:30 and call builder to reschedule for 10:45.
  • 10 a.m. get to work (yikes)
  • 10:30 - mom calls. Does she have time to let son play on playground?? NO!!!!!! GET GOING!
  • 11:05 Mom calls, garage door remote not working. We get it working.

    No word from plumber.
  • July 19, 2005

    Pardon me, I've got some shopping to do...

    Yikes. We just decided it's time to get a move on in the decorating department. Specifically, our family room, breakfast nook, kitchen trio. Since we have an open floor plan, things have to coordinate.

    Because our lovely builder calls orange rocks "beige", our fireplace is orange. It is a 2-story fireplace. That is a lot of orange. What the heck color do you do in a room that has a 2-story orange wall? The couch from our basement is in there (the old one in our old family room is sage and black, and while lovely, doesn't go with orange).

    So I called in the reinforcements...a decorator. Her first suggestion...

    white wood blinds and lose the couch. Since the couch is sort of earthy colored, but w/the underlying threads blue/green/purple/orange (up close, not lovely, from standing, not so bad)...she thought we would want an accent color that is NOT dark blue, green, purple, or orange.

    She suggested for couches, look at leather, chocolate, dark chocolate, or one with a bit of black (though not all black).

    She also suggested a HUGE bookcase or built in for the wall next to the fire place, that is a 2 story wall. We need something large there.

    So, in my spare time, when I'm not exhausted (not only do I have pregnancy exhaustion, my DR called just today to tell me to get iron supplements because my iron is WAY low), I need to shop around and price compare. It takes us forever to choose furniture. The only reason we currently have the couch we do is that our basement was finished the week before the Superbowl in the old house and we needed to buy something PRONTO for the Superbowl party (hence the colors)...

    Egads...what have I done to myself?

    July 18, 2005

    What brings you around?

    Crazy search terms that brought people here...

    Viral menegitis
    girls with big bellies
    home no hoa
    bikini blogspot
    talking dirty what men like to hear
    dr.phil twins bunny ranch
    back vertabrea
    florida chicks in bikinis pics
    brandy chastain sports bra photos

    The only thing I am thinking (while I'm laughing) is that some people were very disappointed.

    Wonderful weekend!

    We returned last night from another fabulous girl's weekend held by lovely hostess, S.

    Friday night we relaxed and hung out w/the kiddos.
    Saturday we had a surprise 30th bday party for E. It was great fun and the 3 year olds love "partying". And cake.

    Saturday night we got a sitter so we could enjoy a dinner downtown at Cabo Fish Taco. It was divine. Then ice cream at Ben & Jerry's and a quick drive home.

    Sunday was breakfast at G's house, and a tour of her new home. Then a long drive home.

    I really miss hanging out with my girlfriends like that. We all get along so well, and have such a good time. Being at such different places in life makes for such interesting conversation and stories. Oh my, the stories.

    July 14, 2005

    Silly Lady...

    There was a woman today on Rt. 606 driving a Prius, the electric car by Toyota.

    What is odd about this is that she was also smoking a cigarette.

    So - does she care MORE about the environment than her own health?

    Odd, I think.

    July 13, 2005

    Bikini Bottoms!!!!!

    Whew. Just got back from shopping (yes, my work day is exhausting)...

    I had previously purchased a maternity swimsuit for wearing w/son to the pool/beach/etc.

    The first time I wore it, I thought I was going to die until I could get it off. For some reason, the manufacturer thought women should were the bikini bottom all the way up to the underside of their breasts. Because that. Sounds comfortable. NOT.

    With the upcoming girls weekend, we are planning on taking the kiddos to the pool, or at least lounging in the backyard w/the kiddie pool and I needed something that didn't feel like it was choking me....

    Off to the mall...

    First stop: Nordstrom. I know they sell bikinis in pieces, so you can buy the correct size top and bottom (lots of women are size A on top and size B on bottom)...what a great idea (of course, when I was a teen, and into just wearing a bikini top as a shirt, this was also a great $$ saving place! Classy, huh?)...
    And I found TWO little black bikini bottoms that should work! Thank goodness, because honestly, I was going to wear shorts to the pool or put on an old bikini (which NO ONE wants to see me in now, I promise) because I was not putting on the bottom that came w/the bathing suit. No way, no how.

    I got nothin'

    bored here. Seriously bored.

    This weekened headed down to Blacksburg for another girls weekend (WITH the children) - can't wait, should be too much fun (though I'm out for the fabulous margaritas at the place we're going to, yipee)...

    Had my 16 week appt yesterday. Everything checks out just fine, so far. Got a full round of blood tests, including the screening for spina bifida and Down's, so it should be a fun-filled 2 days waiting for that to come back.

    Any body out there got anything?

    July 11, 2005


    at the dentist office...the receptionist is looking for a nanny and was speaking to an older lady patient nannies, as the older lady indicated that several of her neighbors used nannies...

    Older lady: I think they are usually Oriental... maybe from Asia or one of those countries?

    Now, I know many Asian people that are offended as being referred to as Orientals ("I'm not a rug you know!")...but even dictionary.com has it listed as being an offensive term.

    And, yes, Asia is a valid continent and a place to be "from" but usually one doesn't refer to people as being from "Asia", you use the specific country as they are all VERY different.

    Of course, this is just my opinion.

    What the...

  • Our neighbor, who plants DEAD TWIGS came over to give my hubby advice on his new rose bushes. By the way, we have the NICEST landscaping in the neighborhood, even nicer than the people who have had theirs professionally done, and our shrubs and flowers are gorgeous.
  • Same neighbor also commented how much his children like using OUR swings we hung in the tree right behind our property (in all fairness, it is not ON our property, but it's only directly behind OUR house). Please note they do not EVER use the swings when we're home, only when they're sure we're NOT home. So they must know that's not cool? Yes?
  • The other crazy neighbors had some random people digging in their yard yesterday. Digging for what I have no idea...too bad they didn't bother to fix the hut they made out of twigs (which looks oh-so-nice) that has half-crumpled in their yard.
  • These are also the neighbors that haven't cut their back yard ONCE since they moved in, which was in January, maybe?

    I am trying to do my best to get hubby not to move out immediately. I had a decorator come last week to come up w/color suggestions, etc. I figure if we throw some $$$ at the house, he'll reconsider leaving. If it wasn't for our FABULOUS neighbors who live right next door, we'd be gone already. But I love the actual house and the location, so I don't want to give up just yet.
  • July 07, 2005

    London today...

    My heart goes out to the people of London. No one should have to live in a world where people blow each other up.

    Steve at HogOnIce said it well.

    I only hope this doesn't deter the British from the mission of working to keep with us to keep our citizens safe and hunting down these animals where they live.

    Update: still TIRED

    Son has relapsed. Had fever yesterday so went to the Dr. She thought he might've had just a touch of croup Friday/Saturday that allowed a nasty cold in. So last night, we were up at:

    11:30 potty break?
    1 - needed retucking
    1:15 needed water
    1:45 coughing (needed me to come help him get re-positioned)
    2:30 potty break
    2:45 needed water (note, I only give a sip's worth, so the potty breaks are NOT caused by that - think he was afraid to wet his new big boy bed w/a SLIDE)
    3:00 needed retucking
    4 a.m. - needed meds
    5:30 - needed retucking
    6:30 - coughing, needed retucking

    And so, I'm tired today. So very tired.

    July 05, 2005

    I don't know why I'm tired...

    Friday: left at 7:30 to drive to PA to our relatives house. At 10 that evening Sister-In-Law arrives, so every is up until 11:30 or so. But son had a blast!

    Saturday: son wakes up at 10 a.m. w/a 103 degree fever. YIKES. Goto store and aquire Motrin and Tylenol. After finally figuring out he'll take the meds mixed in OJ, he's good to go off and running w/his cousins. Swimming in the pool and playing in the creek. Late night fireworks and xbox are enjoyed.
    11 p.m. call pediatrician because and hour after the Motrin dose, his fever is 103.6. Says to give him Tylenol 2 hours after Motrin dose and wipe down w/cool cloths.
    1 a.m. Give Tylenol. Much crying ensues, as he feels yucky.
    3:30 take son to potty.
    4:30 go potty myself and check on son's fever
    5:30 make another OJ/Motrin cocktail for son
    7:30 check son's temperature
    9:30 get up
    After that, son was tired Sunday, of course, but still played like nobody's business all day. Left PA at 8:30 p.m. to drive home.
    Midnight: arrive home.
    Monday: 8:30 am drag family out of bed for showers before heading to Grandma's.
    9:30 Leave house
    11 a.m. PARADE!
    1 p.m. LUNCH!
    3 p.m. leave for friend's house for BBQ
    11 p.m. arrive home.

    Note that I have to work today and I am DAMN tired by now (in addition to being 15 weeks pregnant!).