July 28, 2005

Kill Reality?

Anyone see this show Kill Reality on E!?

Damn. What a bunch of media whores.

Tonya - who the heck sleeps w/Johnny Fairplay in the first place? He's SO GROSS. Then does it again?

In the first episode, it's funny to see that some reality stars weren't even full enough of themselves to make it (ie. Jase, Bolo, Jonathan & Victoria, etc.) - that's saying a lot.

Then stupid Toni Ferrari? I had no idea who she was. But they wrote her into the script because "she brings so much to the table" (or "is totally crazy"). Then SHE rewrites herself into more scenes w/more lines, to make the movie better. Not to make herself feel better. Hello? If you're only given a bit part, there's probably a reason, something along the lines of "you suck".

Can't wait for next week! Anyone know if Rob C. and Josh (the "writers") are in on the joke? Or being played as well?

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Namuamidabutsu said...

Turn off the TV, turn off the radio. Don't rent DVD's.

Forget all that garbage. Get your news from print media - preferably from outside the USA.

In a few weeks, you will start to feel whole and happy.