July 27, 2005

well well well

Nothing new to report here. It's darn hot out there - even just waddling out to the car from the house (in the garage no less, not even direct sunlight) sends my already overheated body into what feels like extreme heat stroke. Thank goodness they're saying it'll cool a bit by tomorrow.

New Product Review: Aveda's Phomollient Styling Foam
Generally, I love Nexus' Mousse, but since I was already at Aveda, I asked if they had mousse. I was a bit weary of the stuff since it's not in a spray-propellant can like every other brand of mousse out there, but I love all things Aveda, thought I'd give it a shot (and I was too lazy to walk to the hair salon on the other side of Tyson's Mall). So today, I used it. LOVE it. It's a bit more liquid than regular mousse, but it did a good job of allowing me to straighten my wavy hair w/no flyaways!

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Namuamidabutsu said...

None of my friends in the 3rd world has even heard of "mousse". I guess it is something that is needed to become rich and well fed?