July 26, 2005

18 weeks!

Yay...I guess, just one more day than yesterday (obviously).

Only 1 week 2 days until the big sonogram. Bets on gender? I'm guessing girl...i've been sicker than last time and am carrying differently (read that: carrying fatter).

Other than that, I'm just going around visiting you guys wishing you would update more.


girl from florida said...

Oooh a girl! Let me know as soon as you find out!! :) :)

Namuamidabutsu said...

Not to be picky, but gender refers to words. When talking about humans, the term is "sex". I know that shocks a lot of people, but if we are betting on boy or girl we are talking "sex" not gender.

Enjoy motherhood. It is the most important and wonderful task of your life. How wonderful.