July 11, 2005

What the...

  • Our neighbor, who plants DEAD TWIGS came over to give my hubby advice on his new rose bushes. By the way, we have the NICEST landscaping in the neighborhood, even nicer than the people who have had theirs professionally done, and our shrubs and flowers are gorgeous.
  • Same neighbor also commented how much his children like using OUR swings we hung in the tree right behind our property (in all fairness, it is not ON our property, but it's only directly behind OUR house). Please note they do not EVER use the swings when we're home, only when they're sure we're NOT home. So they must know that's not cool? Yes?
  • The other crazy neighbors had some random people digging in their yard yesterday. Digging for what I have no idea...too bad they didn't bother to fix the hut they made out of twigs (which looks oh-so-nice) that has half-crumpled in their yard.
  • These are also the neighbors that haven't cut their back yard ONCE since they moved in, which was in January, maybe?

    I am trying to do my best to get hubby not to move out immediately. I had a decorator come last week to come up w/color suggestions, etc. I figure if we throw some $$$ at the house, he'll reconsider leaving. If it wasn't for our FABULOUS neighbors who live right next door, we'd be gone already. But I love the actual house and the location, so I don't want to give up just yet.
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