July 19, 2005

Pardon me, I've got some shopping to do...

Yikes. We just decided it's time to get a move on in the decorating department. Specifically, our family room, breakfast nook, kitchen trio. Since we have an open floor plan, things have to coordinate.

Because our lovely builder calls orange rocks "beige", our fireplace is orange. It is a 2-story fireplace. That is a lot of orange. What the heck color do you do in a room that has a 2-story orange wall? The couch from our basement is in there (the old one in our old family room is sage and black, and while lovely, doesn't go with orange).

So I called in the reinforcements...a decorator. Her first suggestion...

white wood blinds and lose the couch. Since the couch is sort of earthy colored, but w/the underlying threads blue/green/purple/orange (up close, not lovely, from standing, not so bad)...she thought we would want an accent color that is NOT dark blue, green, purple, or orange.

She suggested for couches, look at leather, chocolate, dark chocolate, or one with a bit of black (though not all black).

She also suggested a HUGE bookcase or built in for the wall next to the fire place, that is a 2 story wall. We need something large there.

So, in my spare time, when I'm not exhausted (not only do I have pregnancy exhaustion, my DR called just today to tell me to get iron supplements because my iron is WAY low), I need to shop around and price compare. It takes us forever to choose furniture. The only reason we currently have the couch we do is that our basement was finished the week before the Superbowl in the old house and we needed to buy something PRONTO for the Superbowl party (hence the colors)...

Egads...what have I done to myself?

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enjanerd said...

Another thought -- If you don't feel like getting a new couch for that room, look around at sofa covers. You might find something you like that has subtle orange accents or something like that to tie the colors into the room.

Man, I love watching TLC. :) -j.