July 07, 2005

Update: still TIRED

Son has relapsed. Had fever yesterday so went to the Dr. She thought he might've had just a touch of croup Friday/Saturday that allowed a nasty cold in. So last night, we were up at:

11:30 potty break?
1 - needed retucking
1:15 needed water
1:45 coughing (needed me to come help him get re-positioned)
2:30 potty break
2:45 needed water (note, I only give a sip's worth, so the potty breaks are NOT caused by that - think he was afraid to wet his new big boy bed w/a SLIDE)
3:00 needed retucking
4 a.m. - needed meds
5:30 - needed retucking
6:30 - coughing, needed retucking

And so, I'm tired today. So very tired.

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girl from florida said...

Hope he's feeling better now! And you've gotten some rest.