June 26, 2008

Baby Borrowers

Ok.  Supposedly NBC has a new show coming out - The Baby Borrowers.

Where people LOAN THEIR BABY TO A TEENAGER that wants to prove they are ready to be mommies.

SERIOUSLY?  http://www.nbc.com/The_Baby_Borrowers/about/

Now, make no mistake, I'll be watching this show, but who in their right minds hands their children over to inexperienced teenagers?  Who, obviously are immature if they think having a baby when you are a teenager is a good idea!

June 25, 2008

MOVIE Review: I Am Legend

Wow.  WOW.  What a good movie - although I have an idea for the end that I THINK is better.

What a scary movie.  The graphics AND the plot are AWESOME  - the whole movie kept me on the edge of my seat.  SERIOUSLY.

I loved it - if you haven't seen it, do!

And Will Smith is awesome in it - it has to be hard carrying a movie on your shoulders.  He is alone in the movie for most of it except a bit at the end.

June 23, 2008


ps - now that the cheetos are gone, stay away from the skittles, moron!

note to myself

sTeP away from the ChEEETOS!

Weekend Update - I ATE TOO MUCH!

Saturday was Son's movie night at a friends.  B's parents have like 30 kids and their parents over to watch a movie (the "bee movie" this week) on an outdoor screen.  Everyone has to bring a dish - so I brought my famous homemade from scratch cookies.  I brought them last time and they all got eaten IMMEDIATELY so I brought them again - and there were at least 5 other plates of cookies there too!  But my plate cleared of cookies before I brought it home, even though there were so many other cookies!

So - I had cookie dough and cookies Saturday afternoon and beer Saturday night.

Then yesterday I baked a vanilla/chocolate marble cake (from scratch) with homemade butter cream frosting because we had all the ingredients laying around and I didn't want them to go bad.  So not only did I have a slice of cake, I had batter and icing!

(I also bought a bag of cheetos in a moment of weakness Friday which I managed to eat most of this weekend).

I have no idea why I can't get these 5 pounds off!

June 21, 2008

what a Saturday!

We played in the pool with the kiddies!  And now I'm baking chocolate chip cookies, my famous ones!

June 17, 2008

how how how how

how does a man beat and stomp his own toddler (or any toddler) to death?


June 13, 2008

a wonderful day!

 Yesterday we took our nephew to King's Dominion!  And Grandpa came along to help out!  We had a great day - the little kids had a blast, Son had a blast and nephew had a blast.  Hubby and I got to rid big rides w/the nephew!  I RODE THE CRYPT!  It was very very cool (actually it was very hot, but it was an awesome ride)!

It wasn't too hot so it was great.  And NO CROWD at all!  We did really have a blast!

If you go:

Bring Sunscreen.
Bring re-fillable water bottles ( $3 a bottle there! )
Buy the all day refillable bottle if you're a soda freak like me (every 2nd cup I'd get lemonade and share with hubby) - so for $8 we got like 7 giant drinks.
Bring bandaids!
Bring hats and little snacks!
BRING EXTRA Clothes - the kids didn't get dirty by BabyJ dumped water down her diaper and on her clothes.

ALSO - the don't seem to sell any fruit or healthy snacks AT ALL. I understand having a limited selection, but NONE?  Disney has caught on since last December when we were there - now they have fruit at every stand!  Such a good idea!

June 11, 2008

PRODUCT REVIEW: Papa John's Wheat Crust Pizza

I was skeptical!  Whole grain bread is gross - and this crust was 100% whole wheat and whole grain.  But I ordered it anyway and I LOVED it!  And hubby tried a slice and loved it too!

Like with many whole wheat or low fat options, they use a spicier sauce than on the regular although they didn't need to, it was like regular crust.  But the new sauce is good!  Just have a water handy!

I definitely give it a thumbs up!!!

June 05, 2008

gave blood!

We had the Red Cross at work today and gave blood!  I got to prove to everyone that I have REALLY low blood pressure and I bleed very slowly!

June 04, 2008

owners of our truck!

As of May 16, we are the owners of our black GMC Yukon XL!  IT IS FULLY PAID OFF!  YAY US!  And, unlike in the past, we did not run out and buy a new vehicle!!!

June 03, 2008

diaper review: Target Brand Diapers.

I bought some of these because I've read numerous places that they are awesome!  So I fully expected awesome w/out the price -bite of Pampers!


The sizing was fine - very similar to Pampers.
We didn't get any leaks or blow-outs, which is good.

BUT the diapers don't keep the BABY as dry as the Pampers do.  When I opened her diaper numerous times she was damp.  Which, because we change our children whenever we notice that they are wet (as opposed to the other theory of "wait until the diaper is full", which, GROSS.  Why would you want your precious child toting around pee until the diaper is full???  That's nasty) she didn't get a rash, but I could see she gets pinker when we use the Target ones.  And I have to think that it also feels gross to be damp like that.  So for now, I'm only using Target sporadically, and never 2 in a row until the pack runs out and I won't buy them again.