June 03, 2008

diaper review: Target Brand Diapers.

I bought some of these because I've read numerous places that they are awesome!  So I fully expected awesome w/out the price -bite of Pampers!


The sizing was fine - very similar to Pampers.
We didn't get any leaks or blow-outs, which is good.

BUT the diapers don't keep the BABY as dry as the Pampers do.  When I opened her diaper numerous times she was damp.  Which, because we change our children whenever we notice that they are wet (as opposed to the other theory of "wait until the diaper is full", which, GROSS.  Why would you want your precious child toting around pee until the diaper is full???  That's nasty) she didn't get a rash, but I could see she gets pinker when we use the Target ones.  And I have to think that it also feels gross to be damp like that.  So for now, I'm only using Target sporadically, and never 2 in a row until the pack runs out and I won't buy them again.

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