June 13, 2008

a wonderful day!

 Yesterday we took our nephew to King's Dominion!  And Grandpa came along to help out!  We had a great day - the little kids had a blast, Son had a blast and nephew had a blast.  Hubby and I got to rid big rides w/the nephew!  I RODE THE CRYPT!  It was very very cool (actually it was very hot, but it was an awesome ride)!

It wasn't too hot so it was great.  And NO CROWD at all!  We did really have a blast!

If you go:

Bring Sunscreen.
Bring re-fillable water bottles ( $3 a bottle there! )
Buy the all day refillable bottle if you're a soda freak like me (every 2nd cup I'd get lemonade and share with hubby) - so for $8 we got like 7 giant drinks.
Bring bandaids!
Bring hats and little snacks!
BRING EXTRA Clothes - the kids didn't get dirty by BabyJ dumped water down her diaper and on her clothes.

ALSO - the don't seem to sell any fruit or healthy snacks AT ALL. I understand having a limited selection, but NONE?  Disney has caught on since last December when we were there - now they have fruit at every stand!  Such a good idea!

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