May 15, 2010


6 a.m. 50 minutes run on treadmill
7-8 shower and do hair
8-9 a.m. feed kids
10 a.m. - at pool store w/sample, get more chemicals.
10:30 Benjamin Moore store for three gallons of HEAVY ASS PAINT
11:00 head home - put first batch (6 buckets, heavy buckets) into pool. Brush pool. Feed kids lunch, dress them for party. Wrap presents. Eat leftover pasta.
1-4 p.m. chase kids around birthday party for nephew.
4 - head to home depot. Purchase 10 16-foot base mouldings. Load into car - this is surprisingly hard work.
5 p.m. Put 6 more buckets of heavy ass chemicals in pool. Brush pool again. Empty skimmer and baskets.
6 - feed kids. Forget to feed self. Wash 4 pool filters, resoak as they STILL look nasty. Brush pool. Discover rotting weeds in bin I thought had drain holes. Carry 10 16 foot mouldings into garage and stack. They are still surprisingly heavy and a pain in the butt.
8 p.m. Fight Jessie into bed (she had no nap). Get boys down after changing boys' sheets. Clean kitchen. Start laundry.

Gosh, no idea WHY I AM SO TIRED. Do you know???

May 06, 2010

Why I Hate: Thursday

4:45 a.m. Turn off alarm.
5:45 a.m. Turn off alarm.
6:10 a.m. Get up, too late for my shower. Get Son up and ready for school. Sneak in fastest shower ever.
7:15 a.m. Son leaves - prep other 2 for preschool.

Today we have 2 Mother's Day Teas. Which are the highlight of my day. BUT I've missed the LAST 2 days of work dealing w/the stomach bug, now I'm missing most of today.

1 p.m. Arrive at work
2:30 p.m. Leave work to pick up kids
3:50 p.m. Pick up Son from School.
4:15 arrive home. HURRY and pack picnic dinner for FOUR.
5:00 leave for soccer.
5:30 - 6:30 soccer
7:00 arrive home. Shower three kids and get them in bed.
Then make cookies for Teacher Appreciation.

Thursdays make me want to poke myself in the eye. Repeatedly.

May 05, 2010

What's In It: Premade Gravy

Almost all brands except Heinz contain hydrolized oils and corn syrup. Funny, when I make gravy from scratch it takes 3 ingredients: meat drippings, meat broth, and flour. So - corn syrup?

May 04, 2010

What's In It: Coldstone Creamery

UGH!!! You cannot escape the HCFS and the hydrogenated oils. Not all the flavors but a good number of them. DARN IT ALL.