May 15, 2010


6 a.m. 50 minutes run on treadmill
7-8 shower and do hair
8-9 a.m. feed kids
10 a.m. - at pool store w/sample, get more chemicals.
10:30 Benjamin Moore store for three gallons of HEAVY ASS PAINT
11:00 head home - put first batch (6 buckets, heavy buckets) into pool. Brush pool. Feed kids lunch, dress them for party. Wrap presents. Eat leftover pasta.
1-4 p.m. chase kids around birthday party for nephew.
4 - head to home depot. Purchase 10 16-foot base mouldings. Load into car - this is surprisingly hard work.
5 p.m. Put 6 more buckets of heavy ass chemicals in pool. Brush pool again. Empty skimmer and baskets.
6 - feed kids. Forget to feed self. Wash 4 pool filters, resoak as they STILL look nasty. Brush pool. Discover rotting weeds in bin I thought had drain holes. Carry 10 16 foot mouldings into garage and stack. They are still surprisingly heavy and a pain in the butt.
8 p.m. Fight Jessie into bed (she had no nap). Get boys down after changing boys' sheets. Clean kitchen. Start laundry.

Gosh, no idea WHY I AM SO TIRED. Do you know???

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CearraNycole said...

Hey, I'm Cearra.
I love reading your blog. It is fresh, truthful and a bit funny. I really enjoyed it.
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