April 30, 2009

Doing my part to keep the economy going...

2 stores out of the strip mall by my house went out of business this
month - I am trying to save the salon!!

April 24, 2009

Money day 3 and 4

UGH! We apparently really suck at this money saving thing.

Day 3 - Wednesday
Groceries. $97, which puts us at $50 over grocery budget for the week ($150 is budget, spent $100 on Sunday).
Hubby takes ToddlerT to swim lessons and Son wants to swim too - $9 entrance fee.

Day 4 - Thursday
$12 lunch - team lunch. Had to go.
$30 Gift for friend.
$10 Hubby had lunch at Pei Wei because he forgot his lunch.

Day 5 Friday
Just sent $169 for flag football camp.

Holy hell it's only 7:45 a.m. and I already blew the day!

April 22, 2009

Money - day 2 - Tuesday

$40 for Urologist visit.
$10 for pain meds for son.
$11 at McDonalds for special Mommy & Me lunch.
$70 at Target - $7 new toothbrush for son (you have to throw them out after having strep), $3 for one for ToddlerT, $27 for sunscreen, $9 for diet coke 12packs, $15 car cleaners/wax, etc)

Hubby indicates that we need mulch. If we decide to forego this expense, all our plants and shrubs will die in the summer sun. AWESOME. What's that going to be, like $200? SWEET!

As a bonus, ALL the t shirts I bought this weekend look like crap on me, so they are going back.

Calgon take me away!

A Twilight Review

Michele is a blogger I LOVE. She is also a writer. So when I stumbled on her review of Twilight (which I also LOVED), I had to read it. And then she made me think.

Read it here: http://www.hereticalideas.com/2008/10/book-review-twilight/

April 21, 2009

Money, part 2.

And...work just made it so I can't get extra hours in each week. #@$@%@%@


Hmmph. We finally sat down and looked at our recent spending...starting w/the trip to Vegas, we've been BLOWING our budgeted spending out of the water. And we haven't stopped - of course, there's not much we could do about it. We had already paid for and scheduled a vacation in March w/Hubby's Dad. And that cost almost TWICE what we had budgeted - not including the broken collarbone that we had to pay for up front. Then I had to pay for braces starting in Feb - so that is a big chunk of change + $150 a month for a year. UGH! Then, the oldest had ZERO clothes that fit anymore. I had to buy him jeans that didn't leave red marks on his waist and shirts that didn't look so tight. THEN the oldest son and daughter had ZERO spring clothes (THANK GOODNESS the middle son can wear hand-me-downs from the older son and that I bought nice enough clothes that those are still in awesome shape).

So, we're buckling down. Yesterday, I resolved to bring my lunch to work, which is RARE for me. YAY! Didn't spend an extra $15!

BUT then I had to take Older Son to the dr for a strep test and a urine test. $20.
Anti-biotics - probably another $10.
Sundae for son for getting his throat stabbed - $3.

Then, ToddlerT had swim lessons and was too hungry for dinner to wait until he got home, so a $3 happy meal for him.


So today is Urologist appt. = $40 + goodnessKnowsWhat after that.

I also feel like I should take son to lunch because it's a rare day that it is just me and him....thoughts?

April 16, 2009



In our mail yesterday was a tax notice for $944. And I am really irritated by this on MANY MANY LEVELS.

1. There are TONS of people (most of them were picked by Mr. President to serve in his administration) that DO NOT PAY TAXES and aren't being chased down by the IRS. And yet they come after little old ME who pays a metric ton I assure you, in taxes.

2. My #@$@^% company changed it's policy in 2007 and that is why we suddenly owe the taxes. Way back when, my company offered short term disability, and if you wanted it, you purchased it for something like $2 a paycheck. Now, if you happened to GO on short term disability (which my company uses for maternity leave) you get 60% of your salary and didn't have to pay taxes on it because you paid the premium. WELL, some of the STUPID FUCKING MORONS that work at my company got injured and discovered that short term disability is useful, but they hadn't signed up for it (because they didn't think they'd need it) and then bitched at the company (like it is someone else's fault they didn't sign up for something they need). Well, this happened to SO MANY STUPID FUCKING people, the company decided to pick up the tab in 2007 and cover everyone. WHICH MEANS THAT NOW THAT INCOME IS TAXED. FUCKING MORONS. AND THEN, the short term disability company did not take NEARLY enough taxes out of my disability checks when I had BabyJ and now I owe. So if people weren't MORONS, my insurance would cost me $52 a year. But now it has cost $2500. PEOPLE ARE SO STUPID - WHY WOULDN'T THEY JUST SIGN UP FOR THE FUCKING INSURANCE IF THEY WANTED IT?? OR AS A SAFETY NET?

When we got the W2 for the 2007 I forgot to include it because I forgot that the way the company handled disability is different now (that part is MY fault). #@$@#%@%$@%@%@

April 08, 2009


Please say a prayer for Maddie and her family. This is so sad, what a beautiful little girl.