April 22, 2009

Money - day 2 - Tuesday

$40 for Urologist visit.
$10 for pain meds for son.
$11 at McDonalds for special Mommy & Me lunch.
$70 at Target - $7 new toothbrush for son (you have to throw them out after having strep), $3 for one for ToddlerT, $27 for sunscreen, $9 for diet coke 12packs, $15 car cleaners/wax, etc)

Hubby indicates that we need mulch. If we decide to forego this expense, all our plants and shrubs will die in the summer sun. AWESOME. What's that going to be, like $200? SWEET!

As a bonus, ALL the t shirts I bought this weekend look like crap on me, so they are going back.

Calgon take me away!

1 comment:

Anne said...

I think we all have those moments when our budget books Chernoble on us. Just got to trudge on. Good luck.... (and yes, I think Calgone should be tax-deductable as a (mental) health expense ;-) )