May 25, 2006

A little bragging on my older son!

  • He got a perfect report card!
  • When the DR asked him to write his name at his 4 year checkup, Son and the DR were sitting across from each other at a table. He wrote his name on the paper upside down so it would be legible from her seat.
  • Son also got 4 shots at that appt. Shots his father told him about ahead of time, which did not cause him to fuss about going to the DR or cause him any fear. Or tears for that matter, when it came time for the shots.
  • We figured out why all the kids in Son's soccer class are so much taller than he is (although he is BY FAR the most coordinated child and athletically advanced on the field). They are all age 5 to 5 1/2 - which puts them a YEAR older than my Son.
  • At today's end-of-year party, he was the most well-behaved child. Putting his trash away, washing up, helping wipe down the tables, etc. Without being asked!

    BTW - did anyone see Lost? Quite the episode - though not all the questions were answered like they said they would be!
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    Bethiclaus said...

    Do you have a method that created such a well-behaved child, or was it just dumb luck?