September 13, 2005

25 weeks!

Today I am 25w0d! Not much new in the belly area, just BIG. I don't see how I'm going to get 15 weeks more of growth down there!

BUT I am freaking about
  • names
  • the nursery

    We have neither, nor plans or ideas for either one. Egads - how did this happen? Suggestions? For either?

    I think, at 25 weeks, I am ready to send back in my rental heartbeat doppler. I think I'm comfortable enough w/the movement to send it back. I thought, when I rented it, that I would send it back the first moment I felt movement. Hah - silly woman. I have been too terrified to send it back, afraid I might need it for reassurance. But I think by now, I can send it back. Wish me luck!
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    Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

    Speaking as the father of two, I can tell you verily:

    You are not a silly woman... you are entitled to have whatever you want.