September 12, 2005

Well hello there!!!

We're BACK! We flew in yesterday...where were we? DISNEYWORLD! It was our yearly visit to Disney with Hubby's Mom. We had a FANTASTIC time. This is the first year son was tall enough to ride the majority of good rides (ex. Test Track, Dinosaur, etc.). And, of course, he LOVED them, but he didn't love any of them more than the Buzz Lightyear ride. I cannot even tell you how much he loved that one - I can't even count the number of times we rode it.

The park was deserted. We walked right on to almost every ride - the longest wait for a good ride was about 5 minutes, at most. Hurricane Ophelia was spinning right off the east coast of Florida, and providing us with cloud cover, but very little rain, which is odd. We would check the weather channel and it would look like it should be raining on us, but it wasn't! One day was so cloudy we were SURE it was going to dump and I got a wee bit of sunburn!

The new Soarin' ride is AWESOME. Fantastic. Super-duper. Loved it. Son was squealing with excitement! If you go, you must try it!

Next year, when I'm not pregnant, I'll get to ride even more stuff w/son! I can't wait already.

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