March 26, 2009

Week #1 with Invisalign

** They are still hard as #@$%@ to take out. I have to use spoon handles to PRY THEM OUT. nice.
** they don't hurt NEARLY as bad as I thought they were - my teeth were just sensitive at first, now they're ok
** NO ONE has noticed! SWEET!
** I broke the bottom tray today - see the first bullet. I use the handles of metal baby spoons to get under the back edges and pry them out (I use 1 spoon on each side so that I am prying evenly) and it still broke - so they'll loosen the hooks maybe next week when I go in for my next set of trays. I don't think this will affect the movement as there is a hook right next to where they broke and the teeth where it is broken so the tray is still tight.

So far - Very Satisfied!

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