March 20, 2009


Well....this year the dentist pointed out to me that my teeth were shifting from the lovely position my orthodontist did when I was an early teenager.  DAMN.  Not only was it a cosmetic issue, but my bite was being ruined by the changes. 

So - invisalign it is for me!

And I got them yesterday.  MAN THEY HURT.  And they have these little hooks that they glue to your teeth to hold the trays in tight enough - and when the trays are in, I can't get them out very easily to eat.  Last night I was using a butterknife to PRY THEM OUT and cut myself.  SWEET.

I've since graduated to using the handles of baby metal spoons (smaller and less sharp than knives!) to prying them out.  THERE is NO WAY I'd be able to get them out w/out prying, even though you're not supposed to do that.  NO WAY, they are in way too tight for that.

So, since they are very difficult to remove and you have to remove them to eat, I plan on ONLY removing them at meal times.  Which means the biggest obstacle in my weight-loss journey  has just been removed!  NO SNACKING!  In order to take them out I have to lug my storage trays and my 2 baby spoons to the restroom in order to get them out.  Not worth it for a piece of candy etc. 

Oh, and they hurt!  But it's not too bad.  32 weeks.  That's how long I need them for and I can handle it!

BUT last night, hubby didn't even know I had them - they aren't messing w/my speech very much and you can't barely see them, so SCORE.

And I asked a coworker today and he also had not seen them in, so SCORE!

Small price to pay for straight teeth!!  (AGAIN!  i am pretty bitter that I have to have braces again though, it seems totally unfair.)

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docgrumbles said...

Isn't the adolescent braces experience enough? I have one tooth that wandered a bit, but so far my dentist doesn't think I need to intervene (knock on wood).

Good luck with the invisalign experience!