November 29, 2005

36 Weeks!

Well... I have been at work long enough to set my stuff down and run downstairs (run, ha!) to the deli to get a bagel - and HAD 3 converstations about my belly.

"Girl - looks like you got a basketball, not a baby under there!"
"don't jump up and down or that baby's going to fall out!"
"when are you due, must be soon!"

So... yes, I am still getting MORE uncomfortable, though I didn't think I COULD get more uncomfortable.

For some reason, I cannot get around to packing our bag for the hospital. We keep talking about it, but I can't seem to DO IT. I have no idea why.

I'm hoping to get some belly shots today and nursery pics... any takers?


Erika said...

God I dread those comments. I am already apologizing to the karma gods for any time I ever remarked on a pregnant woman's size (even in admiration). It is so annoying.

Anita said...

I'd love to see them!