November 01, 2005


Son had a fabulous time trick-or-treating last night. It did take some coaxing to get him OUT the door, but apparently once they started, he was on a roll. AND so happy when he came home, so success!!!

BUT let me tell you how lame some of our neighbors are! One house, turned OFF their porch light as son rang the bell. It was a large group of kids, son's group + another. And I guess they yelled at the people in the house. HOW RUDE! And 50% of the houses in our neighborhood had all their lights off. Talk about grumpy old people! These people have plenty of money, so having $$ to spare for candy isn't an issue - and almost all of those houses have at least 1 child living there...I wonder if they were out trick-or-treating and not giving out candy in return?

We didn't give out nearly any of the HUGE STASH hubby bought...we always overbuy, even when we lived in a neighborhood that had plenty of kids coming around. Son thinks he's in heaven now, that he's got his own basket + our cauldron of treats!

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enjanerd said...

I live near an elementary school and I also noticed a lot of dark houses. I expected otherwise... I also expected a lot more kids to stop by, but maybe I just got home too late from work (around 7).