November 14, 2005

Productive Weekend!

We finished painting the nusery and some finishing touches on Son's room, that we'd been putting off. It looks fabulous!

Hubby got all the furniture arranged in the nursery and guest rooms so all the right pieces are there. I hung up the few new clothes I got for baby #2. I ordered some "Super Saurus" stuff off ebay and a quilt hanger to hang his crib quilt on (everyone of course must buy a quilt for the crib, though you are never ever allowed to put it ON the actual baby, so weird).

Our family room and kitchen got painted!!! Well, they have a tad left to do today, but the rooms LOOK GREAT. Like actual grown-ups with good taste live there! And this gives me the oppourtunity for some good cleaning in those rooms before hubby moves all the furniture back into place!

Amd we went to the light store and bought drop lights to go over our island in the kitchen and viola! Decorated kitchen!

So much progress!!!

BTW - cold is ALMOST GONE! Don't need meds anymore!!!

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girl from florida said...

oooh do you have any pictures? I would love to see them!

I took your advice and took Tylenol Cold last night. An amazing 7 hours of sleep with barely any coughing! Yippeeeeeeee!