November 28, 2005

Why, hello there!!!

HI! How are you? I'm pretty good, but DAMN TIRED, if I do say so myself!

So where did I leave off? Ah yes, the night of no sleep. That was fun. And it set me up for being so damn tired I couldn't see straight!

Wednesday schedule: hang out and clean house for more houseguests on Thanksgiving. Make first ever chocolate pie, from scratch. Pray that it tastes good when I realize you cannot taste test a pie before guests arrive to ensure that it's ok.

Thursday: more houseguests arrive right on schedule! Lovely Aunt L, and her portable Thanksgiving dinner in a van arrive! That's right - our guests brought THE ENTIRE DINNER WITH THEM! What wonderful guests! Finish up first PUMPKIN PIE I've ever made, from scratch and also fret that the pie cannot be taste-tested before hand! Yikes!

Make mac&cheese (from scratch!) for dinner at my family's house ( the noon dinner ) and get son over there so we can eat w/them at noon.

Head back to my house to prep for evening meal with Hubby's aunt and mom. It was a GREAT meal! AND the pies were perfect, I might add!

Friday: trip to Kohl's as their after-Thanskgiving toy sale is unmatched! I find toys for all the under 3 children in our family at 50% off! Thanks to Aunt L and cousin R for helping me shop!! It is SO MUCH appreciated!

Prepare for Son's Fourth Birthday party, which is scheduled for Saturday at 2 (we had the party early to prevent baby brother from making his grand appearance on the day of the party, ruining it for son). THANK GOODNESS Aunt L & Family are still around - no way could I have done all that myself.

Saturday: party day! Party was a blast - everyone seemed to have a great time and there were just enough kids there, not too many and not too few.

By 7 p.m., we had our house back to ourselves. We spent some quality time just playing with our son alone then went RIGHT TO BED.

Sunday was GREAT! We got up, had breakfast, and I took a 2 hour nap on the couch watching hubby and son put together toys. Then lunch and son asked if it was time for his nap yet. WHAT? Why, of course it is! Off to bed we all go for "family nap time" and it was WONDERFUL!

How was your holiday? I could not have asked for more. We got to see everyone we love over the span of a couple of days and share a wonderful holiday and a celebration of son's birthday with them!


girl from florida said...

Wow it sounds WONDERFUL!!! And so relaxing! So your pies turned out OK? I've never made a chocolate pie before. We went to Kohls the day after Thanksgiving too, what wonderful deals! My hubbys grandmother bought us some of the most adorable little neutral colored clothes... because we hadn't found out yet what the baby was! I'm SO excited to know now, I can start buying adorable outfits now. :) You're almost there!

Erika said...

Family nap time? That sounds like the best Thanksgiving ever!!