October 11, 2005

Is it December yet? Or, 29 weeks.

I am so big. It is difficult to get things off the floor. I get exhausted doing nothing. I can only sleep 2 hours at a time, because I either have to flip from one side to the other (and that requires being awake, at this size) or I have to pee.

BUT! Things are moving along! I think we'll get the nursery painted this weekend (fingers crossed!) and things setup. I washed the carseat liner this weekend (from when son #1 used it) so that's ready to go as soon as I re-install it in the carseat. I'm hoping to run by Gap Maternity today after work for some work pants (seeing as I have 1 pair of pants and am currently wearing them!)... Let's hope they're having a sale! They are way too pricey, but the Motherhood Maternity store doesn't have any full belly pants and low-rise are too painful to wear at this point.

This was a fabulous weekend! It was a 4 day weekend for me, with Columbus Day! Yay! We (mostly hubby) got the basement cleaned out and organized. We got lots of playtime with Son (and the house is a wreck to prove it!) and even went out to eat yesterday for a nice lunch!

AND Hubby found a Black Widow spider yesterday under our rain spout. YIKES! Nothing to make a mother nervous than reading "not lethal to those over 5". Umm.. that would mean IS lethal to 50% of my household! Very Scary stuff indeed (of course, that particular black widow did not live longer than it took to snap a quick pic for verification purposes - it definitely is a black widow, based on it's look and behaviour).

That is all - tomorrow, 29 week OB appt. Wish me luck on the scale!

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