October 29, 2005

Guess What???


Next weekend (I hope) my brother will be over to install chair rail and, voila! C'est fini!

It's the most beautiful shade of sky blue you've ever seen. Well...I've actually seen it before...

When I was little, when my parents bought their first (and last - they've been there 29 years now) first house, they painted my room sky blue. Apparently, my Dad bought enough paint to touch it up FOREVER. For years, I BEGGED for a new color, pink! Or any color that was not blue! When it came time for a whole-house touch up about the time I was 13, my parents had the NERVE to paint each room a new color (including theirs, which turned out PINK!) and REPAINT MINE BLUE. I swore up and down until 1991 (the year they renovated and my new room was WHITE) my poor children would never ever, not ever, not even once have a blue room.

Well guess what? Son's nursery in our old house? Blue.
Son's room in this house? Blue.
Apparent new baby's room? Blue.

What the hell is wrong with me??!!

1 comment:

girl from florida said...

LOL!! I love blue.

Just as long as you agree to repaint one day when your sons are old enough to ask :)