October 03, 2005

Fall Weekends...

What a lovely weekend!!!

Friday night our neighbors had a housewarming party - it was a lovely party and well attended. I hear that guests stayed until 1:30 a.m. Who does that? The hosts were EXHAUSTED the next day and had all this cleaning to do. And it's funny - I noticed that some people tend to treat parties like this just as if they're in a bar - being demanding of the hostess as if she was a waitress, which, HELLO, she is not.

Saturday we hung around the house and hubby updated our landscaping to the new fall flowers. They look lovely. And we got a weeping cherry tree to replace the crappy dying evergreen the builder planted for us.

Sunday was the neighbor's daughter's first birthday party. It was so cute - bugs theme. The mom made a fabulous bug cake and had little pots of pudding/oreo crumb mix for the kiddies (with gummy worms!).

The decorator came Friday and we picked out paint colors for the family room, breakfast nook, and kitchen. As well as window treatment fabrics for kitchen and family room. AND my new sofa came a month early! I love it, though I think hubby is slightly less enthused about it as I am. But I think it is great and looks great - have already had a nap on it even!

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girl from florida said...

No better way to break in a sofa! (well. there is one other way, but that's for another time). :)