October 27, 2005

Radio Silence...

sorry for the radio silence - I hate it when bloggers do that... especially pregnant ones, I worry that something has happened.

All is fine. Monday, Son had 2 cavities filled. The second one required novicaine. On the way home, since he couldn't feel his tongue or cheek, he chewed them up quite impressively. By the time he returned home, he looked like he had a baseball in his cheek. Of course, 20 minutes later, the numbness wore off and he was MISERABLE. And there is NOTHING more miserable to a parent than to see their child obviously miserable and in pain. Of course, then he had nothing to eat AT ALL for 36 hours. Barely drank water, because it hurt. Of course, no speaking either. Finally, he discovered that he COULD drink, so he had 2 meals of PediaSure (I always keep some in the fridge for emergencies and boy was I thankful I had them!). Finally yesterday for lunch, he tried a solid food and, in very small bites, was able to eat! Just a little, but it was progress!

Today he is still swollen (inside and out) and not talking correctly, but he can see that the saltwater rinses have helped, and is a bit more willing to do them. Thank goodness!

Everything else is fine - we're just gearing up for Halloween on Monday. Today at Son's school, there is a costume parade and Halloween party, so that is very exciting and we'll be going to watch it!


Mabel said...

Poor baby! Yuck!

Glad you're okay!

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

Sure... you write a review about SAW and then go missing.

Could you feed our imaginations any worse???

I know well what you mean about being miserable as seeing yor kid in pain; I'm glad it's past now.

girl from florida said...

I was so worried about you! I was actually going to email you today. I'm glad everything (baby wise) is OK and Son is healing!! Have fun at Halloween parties! xoxo