October 18, 2005

Who Knew?

That wearing full panel (belly covering) maternity pants could be SO GOD-AWFUL UNCOMFORTABLE that they would ruin a perfectly good mood? Apparently they can, be warned. AND not only do I have an elastic band running over the TOP of my belly, making my uterus uncomfortable and my lungs feel like I'm suffocating, apparently JR isn't pleased either, as he has been kicking at the band since I put the damn pants on.

It's going to be a GREAT day!

Side note: to the blonde in the elevator --> no matter how "dressy" the capri pants are, the waistband should cover YOUR UNDERWEAR, at least when you're at work! OR try for a shirt that covers your belly/backside. One or the other, or both even! No way would I allow an employee of mine to run around looking like that at work.


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...
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Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

A few years ago, my much-better-half commented to me about the way young gals were dressing in high school. I told her it was common in my office, to which she scoffed, thinking I was making it up.

I began to name the 5 women in my office who had tats on their arms, calves, and/or base of their spines. I named the three gals with pierced navels and the one with a pierced tongue.

When she asked how I knew they had these, I simply answered "because they wear clothes that show them off."

"Why doesn’t management do something about it?" she asked.

I reasoned because either they didn’t care, they were afraid of sexual harassment charges being filed, or they enjoyed the show as well.

My suggesting that last reason got me into trouble…

Isabel said...

there is a woman in my office that wears belly shirts to work. And she is about 40. Totally NOT professional (which my office tends to be). And the other day? I saw her thong. Ewww!! It creeped me out (but not enough to stop me from telling everyone else at work about it).