October 18, 2005

30 Weeks...

30 Weeks along here...I'm thinking 8 more weeks to go, which takes me to December 13. But, of course, I'm sure I'll be wrong and it'll be like January 10 or something!

Not much new to report...
Nursery? Nope.
Name? Nope.

I did buy the top sheet for the crib and the crib ruffle yesterday from Pottery Barn, so they'd match. We DID select a paint color for the nursery (going to do blue instead of sage) and curtain color (red, also from Pottery Barn, probably).

Physically? Still tired. Still huge. A lot of my shirts are getting way too short - might have to buy yet more shirts in size Large, just for the extra belly material - though i'm not sure how that'll look in the arms and chest part.

I'm having a very difficult time w/the pants...I have 5 pair, that I would deem wear-able to work:
  • black pair from the Gap
  • light tan cords from the Gap (need to hem first)
  • dark brown cords
  • 4 pair of jeans (2 from the last pregnancy that aren't hideously out of style)

    Since I only work 4 days a week, this seems like a reasonable number of pants to me (doesn't count yoga pants and stuff I wear at home)...BUT there is a rumor that the powers-above are deeming jeans as inappropriate work-wear, even w/a nice top and boots. Grrr...I'm not buying any more pants (really, all I would be able to do is buy a second pair of a pair that I already own - I tried on EVERYTHING Gap makes, and Motherhood makes, and that's all I found that fit). Crap. I'll keep you updated, because I'm sure you'll be holding your breath, waiting to hear!

    Anyway - very excited about the baby, and only freaking a little that it's 8-10 weeks until his arrival date!!! I can't wait to officially meet the little guy!
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    girl from florida said...

    don't worry about it- they'll just have to deal!!! :) Are only the full panel pants fitting you now? Have you tried Old Navy? But then again, it's getting so far along that it's almost not worth it to buy new pants.

    30 weeks seems SO FAR away to me. By the time I'll get there, you'll probably have your old figure back and be bouncing around with your new baby! :)