October 31, 2005

Monday Monday Monday

Ahhh... a lovely Monday morning... so nice that the time change has screwed up son's waking schedule, so that he's now up and ready for play at 6:45 a.m. Thanks for that one! Can we PLEASE do away with this dumb-assery that we call Daylight Savings Time??? It's moronic... if you f-ing want more daylight hours, get your damn self out of bed early...don't fool yourself (and drag me with you) by making every one change their clocks. And I, for one, would rather have more daylight AT THE END OF THE DAY when I am home from work and would like to play outside w/my son!

Grr... Funny, I didn't think I was in a bad mood! :-)

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girl from florida said...

I HATE how early it gets dark now! So depressing! At least you get an early start to your morning... heehee!

When do you start your maternity leave?