October 12, 2005

Not a good show for a pregnant Mommy...

This morning the little dude slept in until 8:30. Since I was up and ready to leave the house at 7 a.m., I had some time to burn so I turned on the TIVO and checked out the TIVO suggestions that it had recorded.

I found SHOCKED, which is a documentary on HBO about teens and alcohol. Their stories were shocking and LIVE.

There was Timmy, a 15 year old that was drinking and then went riding on his ATV. Apparently he swerved to miss a bunny and hit a tree - cutting the tree in half with HIS BODY. And hit his head severly as well. I made it through to day 7 in Shock / Trauma today. He was just taking his first steps since the accident. It was heartbreaking to see him recover, being able to compare what I was seeing to what a 15 year old should be talking/walking/acting like.

There was a girl, 16, that got in the car w/a drunk guy that she thought was HOT. He hit a tree with her side of the car. She has recovered phsyically about 90%, but mentally is a very different story. She apparently has lost the ability to learn. She kept trying for a while to learn and goto school, then I guess just gave up.

There was another girl, 17, that got into a car with someone she didn't know had been drinking and he had a terrible accident and she hit the windshield. She is phsysically impaired somewhat, but can had to relearn to walk and talk again. She will not be able to live independently between the physical and mental damage.

There was the young guy, 19, who had cut back to 6 beer-a-day habit. He had 3 beers then drove himself home, with no seatbelt. He lost control of the car and rolled it. Luckily for him, he seemed to be recovering just fine. I seriously pray he meant it when he said he'd never do that again.

There was the poor kid that drank a bottle of vodka himself while goofing off at the mall w/his friends. Then he fell THREE STORIES onto a tile floor. I didn't get to see much of his story yet, but he also didn't look to be in too bad of shape, given what had happened to him.

I can only pray and pray and pray that my children will never do any of these stupid things, and the sheer terror I feel when I think about it is so overwhelming, I don't really allow myself to go there.

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girl from florida said...

I can't watch stuff like that, especially now that I'm pregnant. I'm already terrified of the terrible teenage years!