October 05, 2005

How To Irritate Me

  • 9:07 I arrive at Q*uest D*iagnostics to take my fasting 1-hour glucose test. Sign my name on the walk-in chart, and mention to the receptionist why I'm there (there is a sign that says to tell them immediately if you're there for a timed test). She "whatever"s me into the waiting room.

  • 9:25 Lady in front of my is SUPRISED that they would like her insurance information before they do her labwork. Because this is shocking. I don't know about other areas of the country, but this is DEFINITELY common practice in our area. I must wait longer while they call around trying to find her husband and his insurance card. No, this isn't annoying AT ALL.

  • 9:35 She FINALLY calls my name. I goto counter w/DRs order, noting that I've just burned 1/2 an hour, haven't started on the test yet, am STARVING, and now having Braxton-Hicks contractions because I don't know if I'm allowed to have water or not. She informs that no one in the DRs officed filled out the paperwork as to which test I'm supposed to have. She calls the DRs office - they say to fax the blank request to them and they'll fax back one w/the proper box checked. GRRRR.

  • 9:40 No fax yet. I call the DRs office - they say it's the 1 hour test, not the 3 hour test, which I knew, but the receptionist either needs to hear it from the nurse or have a fax, my word isn't good enough. The nurse sounds irritated w/ME?? WTF? Like they aren't going to get quite the earful Tuesday when I go in for my 29 week checkup.

    I drink the gross orange drink (think really sweet orange soda. Really sweet doesn't bother me, as I've been living on ice cream and chocolate, but I HATE ORANGE SODA).

  • 10:45 Have blood drawn. Nurse is APPALLED at the state of the vein on my left arm, which coincidentally, the nurse at my OB's office BLEW OUT 3 weeks ago, when SHE was drawing blood. Nurse is so appalled, she comments on the state of my vein multiple times. I know it all f-ed up now, it hurt like a son-of-bitch when she blew it, thank you very much, and gave me a dark purple bruise that was 5 inches long.

  • 10:50 finally get in damn car and scarf down some of son's pretzels that I keep in the car for emergencies (you only get stuck in rush hour traffic w/a toddler that hasn't had breakfast ONCE without food in the car).
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