December 21, 2005


I just got up from a glorious 2 hour nap! Our system is such - I do the nights and hubby does mornings and daytimes that I want a a 2 hour midday nap is JUST what I needed!

I was running around just now like a MAD WOMAN because my in-laws are coming this evening and the house is a STY!!! Then my uterus starting hurting and I got hot - so I sat down to rest and oops! the laptop is right there calling my name!

We had son's Christmas show today - and it was glorious! You've never seen a show until you've watched your preschooler sing Christmas songs in a preschool show. Fabulous and I couldn't have been more proud of my little man. There was 1 4 year old who had TWO piano recitals during the show, with no sheet music. Seriously. I was quite impressed to say the least.

Baby T is at his first DRs appt right now w/hubby - I hope it goes well.

I'm feeling more and more human with every day. Today when I got dressed in my work clothes for the show, I put on a pair of pants I bought in October. Humph! They were full belly pants! I had no idea as by the time I bought them, it was impossible to even get them 1/2 way up the bottom of my belly so for me they were very low rise. I thought I looked quite good for giving birth only 4 days ago! I did create the cone of protection around Baby T though, no one was getting their grubby hands in or on the car seat or baby but me and hubby.

AND the woman in the pew in front of us had a 3 week old (who, BTW, is not yet as heavy as my son!) and set her car seat carrier in the aisle. EVERY DAMN person that went up the aisle to snap a picture kicked it or walked into it. EVERY ONE. Finally, appalled, I had to suggest to her to set it on the pew in front of her (luckily the baby wasn't in it, which I didn't know and the people walking up the aisle certainly didn't know as she had the canopy up) and told her people kept kicking it. She was shocked (she hadn't seen it, was filming the show)...

I couldn't believe people in a CHURCH would be so careless!
#1 - it is not yours, don't kick it or walk into it, watch where you are going!
#2 - it is a device made for holding babies, which every damn person in that room knows, as they were each there to watch a child no older than 4 in the show - and everyone one of them had a carrier like that I'm sure. YOU SHOULD GO OUT OF YOUR WAY NOT TO KICK IT OR BUMP IT on your way by.

What is wrong w/these people...

Anyway, son #1 just got up from his nap, gotta run!


Corinne said...

Goodness!! You would think that w/ a BABY CARRIER people would be EXTRA careful... idiots!!!
Glad you got a nap and are feeling better!!! Keep taking it easy!!!

girl from florida said...

Wow! I can't believe you just gave birth and went to a Christmas show! You're my role model. My stepmom was watching bringing home baby with me today and said, "Why in the world does this woman still look pregnant and she has a newborn?" (she obviously has no kids). I had to explain to her the whole expanded uterus and extra belly time thing.