December 08, 2005

Something that occurred to me this morning...

I was getting ready for work and I thought - "What if I go into labor at work?"...

Not worrying about how I get to the hospital (Hubby works only minutes away, and my work is CLOSER to the hospital than our house) but WHAT ABOUT THE CAMERA? AND THE VIDEO RECORDER?

What if I was in labor and we didn't have those things?? I most definitely want pictures of my newborn! And of me with the newborn! And of hubby with the newborn, etc. What if they are at home while we're in the hospital?

Now I know Hubby's solution would be to run to Best Buy (right around the corner) and purchase a new state-of-the-art camera and recorder, but come on, we really don't need to drop that kind of money just because we are unprepared!

So this morning I packed the camera bag and slipped it into my truck, just in case.

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girl from florida said...

That would be my first thought too :)