December 20, 2005

Tuesday Update

Baby T does not like crib. Mom also not using all of brainpower, as I spent 2 hours trying to get us comfy in our family room chair together last night, about 3:30 a.m.,only to realize the chair sits right in front of the PACK & PLAY, which he happily slept in all day. Duh, put him in pack and play and he was quite comfy. It is a godsend.

I'll work on the birth story - I'm going to publish a censored one here, and a TMI/helpful hints one for anyone that might want some helpful hints and/or fresh memories from day 0 and day 1 with a newborn and a new non-pregnant body!

Seriously guys, thank you very much for the emails!


Erika said...

We'd love the helpful hints/TMI!!!

Anita said...

I want the noncensored one!!

Sara said...

Type it all, dear! We need to know!

So glad all is going well!