December 08, 2005

Um... well... yeah.... ok

I got nothing. Sitting here waiting to go into labor is pretty much taking up all of my brain power today. Every day I wake up and think "is it today? Is December 8 a good birthday?". This would be so much easier with a finite end date. And the shirt I have on today (which I did wear to work last week - I'm pretty well down to 4 outfits or so) is SO SMALL on me now. Must spend day hiding from people that know me.

Dr. appt. at 1:45 to be checked, let's hope for some progress!


Corinne said...

I'll never forget watching a friend of mine, 1 weeks overdue, jump up and down for 15 minutes straight.... we watched with HORROR fully expecting the child to literallyl fall out.... you know what? She went into labor the next day.... Seriously, I hope you get started soon... I can't imagine how madenning it must be.... *here's wishing gravity will be super strong today* (Also, thought I'd point out Dec 15 is a full moon... maybe that'll be the day!?)

Anita said...

When is the official due date?

Post again after your drs appt!