December 07, 2005

And MORE Shopping!

I went to the mall at lunch to walk a bit (please baby please decide to come soon!) and get a Christmas present for my cousin.

I found the perfect item at Hechts, and while in line I realized I left my 20% coupon in the car, at the other end of the mall. I was seriously going to beg the clerk to give me the 20% off w/out the coupon and not walk to my car to get it, when the lady in front of me just offered me hers! Wonder of wonders! I couldn't say thank you enough!

The mall wasn't bad yet...but give it a week as shoppers start to make even getting NEAR the mall at lunchtime unbearable. Hopefully I'll be done with my shopping (and holding a new baby!) by then!


girl from florida said...

I hope so too! Get moving baby #2!

Erika said...

Oh thank God she gave you her coupon!! I would have decided 20% was not worth the walk too!