August 16, 2005

Sandwich Meat - the big NO NO

apparently, pregnant women aren't supposed to eat sandwich meat!

foods to avoid

Apparenty sandwich meats and hot dogs have a high listeria bacteria rate...and "they" have deemed them not worth the risk for pregnant women.

I do know that Subway will microwave meat for you, if you ask (I heard this, I don't eat at Subway, I favor Cheeseburgers!).

I do, however, scarf down hotdogs if they are cooked by my hubby or myself, making sure they're heated high enough. No mall or street vendor dogs for me though!

The sandwich meat thing, though, was not around when I was pregnant w/my first son - but I don't remember if I wanted sandwiches or not or if I ate any. This pregnancy, I stick w/ PB&J or grilled cheese or cheese and mayonaise!

What do you others think?


enjanerd said...

Hey... go out and treat yourself to some real ham and make a sandwich out of that! :)

girl from florida said...

I've heard that too! I am hesitant... I love Subway!

I have been craving grilled cheese though... so maybe it won't even be an issue.

Kat said...

Those first few weeks of this pregnancy, I was desperately craving (and gave in) to salami and feta cheese (pasteurized, of course). Both were on the no-no list my first baby. My OB has reassured me left and right that soft cheeses--if pasteurized--are fine, and most cheeses you'll find in the us ARE pasteurized. And he said that salamis are fine, too.

And deli meats, I've seen that too, and wouldn't eat a processed meat roll from Subway or Togos or any of those. But I buy sliced turkey meat at Whole Foods and eat it almost every day, no problem. And occasionally still eat salami, even though the craving for that has subsided.

Hot dogs are fine, too, if you cook them to an internal hotness to kill anything.

Sweet Coalminer said...

I tried a sandwich from subway (and quizno's) with the meat heated to steaming. It tastes like poopy and wilts the lettuce.

I finally just went to the deli and had them slice the meat in front of me. I asked them not to give me the end slice, and I ate me some cold turkey like it was nobody's business, although I often nuked the turkey first and then stuck it in the fridge to cool.

My friends all ate lunch meat, and think it's over cautious, but I would just never forgive myself if I gave my little one listeriosis. A good sammy can wait a couple more months.

Can we have it while nursing?