August 15, 2005

For once...

I have quite a few posts swimming about in my head...
  • what my son wants to name Baby Brother
  • how DAMN TIRED I am
  • how DAMN tired being on vacation makes me
  • how DAMN tired driving back from vacation made me
  • how DAMN tired cleaning up after vacation is currently making me
  • week by week summary, to bring you guys up to speed, we are 21 weeks tomorrow. I've been feeling movement about 2 weeks now, but with reliable movement starting at 20 weeks. Son got to FEEL Baby Brother kicking me yesterday - how cool is that? He was sad when I went to work today, not because he's missing me (yeah, right) but because I was taking Baby Brother with me, and wouldn't Baby Brother miss him? So. damn. cute.

    Anyone like a belly shot? I'm going to take one soon and email them out to interested parties (note: this is only for regular commenters and readers, no freaks please). With some of the strange people that visit, I'm not posting one on the actual site.

    Did I mention that I'm tired?
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    girl from florida said...

    I want a belly shot!! You know that :)

    SO CUTE about son missing BB... and won't BB miss him? Heehee! That made me smile.