August 30, 2005

23 Weeks...

Today I am 23 weeks. Just last night hubby was being amazed at the naked belly and I reminded him, 17 more weeks of growth, by the way.

By now, I can feel BabyBrother moving quite a bit. The other night he got the hiccups and hiccup-ed for 20 minutes. Of course, this was RIGHT as I laid down to goto sleep, so that was fun. Apparently he liked dinner last night (chicken quesadillas and pasta w/sauce, and a 1/2 a milkshake) because he was rock'n and roll'n at bedtime.

I've picked up a few fall pieces of maternity clothes at Target...and need to go thru what I wore last pregnancy. Though I have to buy a "work" wardrobe, because when I was pregnant last time, I was at a start-up and jeans were OK. Not so much now. Of course, as soon as I start shopping (yesterday) takes down their site for maintenance. FYI, when I run a company, our website will NOT go down for 2 days during back to school shopping! Not for 2 days for ANY reason...the site should be ready to be uploaded with a minimum of downtime. You don't upload then test it out.

I'm getting hotter too (hotter, not sexier)...this is odd for me, it didn't happen w/the first pregnancy.


Second sonogram today, wish me luck! Also trying to schedule the 4D sonogram for October!

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girl from florida said...

ooh good luck with your next sonogram!

And you are getting hotter SEXIER now, don't you forget it :)

Our Target really sucks, they have barely any maternity clothes OR baby stuff! It's b/c I live in a college town so very few people are procreating.

I ordered some stuff from Old Navy and it's really cute!!