August 22, 2005


This was a great weekend!!! My best friend from Blacksburg came up w/her 3 year old.

Saturday: we went to Baltimore, MD to goto the Aquarium, joined by my other best friend and HER 3 year old. While it was packed, we saw LOTS of cool stuff! The boys finally saw the PufferFish they were dying to see. Then lunch at Cheesecake Factory, where we thought it might be a bit long for 3 3year olds, they were GREAT!

Sunday: down to DC for the National Natural History Museum - mostly to see the DINOSAURS! A BIG hit, if I do say so myself. Then we got tons o'stuff at the shop (the toy where they bury bones in a mound of rocks/dirt and the kid has to dig it out themselves was a HUGE hit) and books and things, then back onto the Metro for a ride home! Son loved it - and hubby did too, bonus!

I. am. tired. now. So. very. tired.

BONUS: at my last OB appt, the DR gave me another sonogram order! He didn't see my original ones in my file and re-wrote it! Yay! (did I already tell you guys that? Ooops if I did! But I am SO EXCITED TO GET AN EXTRA PEEK!)


Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

So are you ever going to fire up your other blog, or is this one sufficient?

Really, my comment there is so lonely...

girl from florida said...

YUM Cheesecake Factory, that sounds soooooooo delicious right now!! :)