August 25, 2005

And we're off!!!

I just got back from the furniture store! I made a decision on the couch fabric - the lady showed me a computer image of the 2 fabrics I like and it was easy to pick - what had been my favorite fabric is really more of a chair fabric, and a bit obnoxious in couch size. Then picked out 2 new leather chairs and ottoman to complement, and VOILA! Furniture ordered!

Now I just need to get my butt to Lowes to order white wood blinds. Then to measure out the entertainment center we like and make sure it is big enough for the spot we've picked, and that the TV fits in it, and we can order that too! Hopefully, we can order the window treatments shortly as well! Man, this is really moving along!!!

Since I'm pretty boring today, go check out these chicks...
  • Enjanerd --> she's dealing w/an insane vistor!
  • Girl From Florida --> she's recently discovered she's going to be a Mommy!

    enjanerd said...

    No fair! I came over to check out what was new in your life. ;)

    Thanks for the link and the support. Congrats on the new furniture! :) -j.

    girl from florida said...

    leather...oooh... I'm jealous!

    Thanks for the shoutout :)