August 01, 2005

is this rude?

is it rude, in your WORK voicemail to say...

"I'll return your call at my earliest convienence"???


girl from florida said...

hmmm my gut instinct is no... what do you think?

Charlie on the PA Turnpike said...

I think its a throw-away line, like 'have a nice day'. More often than not, does anyone care if the other person has a nice day? Especially a potential stranger on voice mail?

I ranted a week or so ago about people who don't id themselves, and those who go on vacation and don't indicate such on their office voice mail (nor do they have anyone covering their voice mail).

If saying 'THEIR earliest' iss your biggest peeve with that person, I'd let it slide.

Namuamidabutsu said...

Why have voicemail? Why not communicate in real time and if you aren't there, you aren't there?

Isn't it odd that when you actually answer a call people say things like "Oh! I didn't think you'd answer. I was going to leave a message to say I was sorry I missed you."?

Let's get real. If I am out, I am out. What a trap voicemail is.